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Super Cute Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas

You said ‘Yes’ and now it’s your time to ask a big question. Asking your girls to be in your bridal party is always a fun milestone! So we’ve gathered some fab bridesmaids proposal ideas for you. Gift boxes filled with all their favourite things, cheeky and sentimental cards with the perfect wording, and more.

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Gifts in a box

A box of goodies is a classic bridesmaids proposal gift. You can customise your gift box with all the things you know your girls will love. Something sweet, something sparkly or something very practical. Your bridesmaids proposal box could include things your girls will need for the wedding, like earrings, lip balm and a cute robe. Or you could give your girls something they’ll enjoy right away, like bath salts, a candle or a water bottle.





Chelsea Bauman


100 Layer Cake


Wed Nova


Ask the question

Your bridesmaids proposal would be incomplete without actually asking your girls the big question. This question can be phrased in so many ways. Cute and sweet, sassy and cheeky, or sentimental. Take a peek at some wording options…





My Online Wedding Help




Something Turquoise


Wine and Sprinkles


Other bridesmaids proposal ideas

Aside from box sets and cute cards, there are lots of other ways you can ask your girls the question. Give them a sweet puzzle, a customised bottle of wine, a candle, or a Christmas bauble if the occasion fits.



Belle the Magazine






I Custom Label


Southbound Bride

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