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Super Fun Bridal Shower Activities Besides Opening Gifts

A wedding is very rarely just about that one event. There are plenty of other opportunities for friends and family to spoil the happy couple! One of the most looked forward to events is the bridal shower. Traditionally, this is when all the ladies come together to shower the bride with gifts, marriage advice and well wishes. If you’re in the planning stages and you’ve run out of ideas, we’ve got some fun bridal shower activities for you!

Before we begin, and before you choose which bridal shower activities you’d like to incorporate into the day, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Know your audience: You will know if most guests already know each other or if they’ll need a gentle nudge to get mingling. Many of the bridal shower activities listed today are perfect for guests who don’t know many people.
  2. Ask the bride: There may be some topics that the bride isn’t comfortable addressing, especially in a game. Ask her if anything is off-limits. For example, her nan may not know she has a tattoo and finding out via a bridal shower game is totally not appropriate.
  3. Consider the event as a whole: The idea of staying seated while sipping tea and making small talk works for some, but not for all. Incorporate moments where guests are invited to get up and mingle or have something to eat.
  4. Customise: Depending on how many guests you’ve got coming along, you could get them to play the games individually or in teams. Be open to adjusting the rules and being flexible.
  5. Don’t forget the pens!


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Bridal Shower Activities Besides Opening Gifts

Put a Ring on it

Download this printable here.


Bridal Scattergories

Download this printable here.


Bible Couples Quiz

Download this printable here.


Emoji Pictionary

Download this printable here.


Would She Rather

Download this printable here.


Let’s Mingle

Download this printable here.


Porn or Polish

Download this printable here.


What’s on Your Phone?

Download this printable here.


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