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Sustainable Wedding Flowers – Our Advice & Guidance

Sustainable Wedding Flowers

If you are planning an eco-conscious wedding day getting your flower choices right, and in line with your green values, is a big thing to consider. Today we’ll talk you through a few steps that will ensure your blooms will look fantastic and are sustainable. 

Sustainable Wedding Flowers

Laura Cullen Photography via English Wedding

Find your perfect florist

Of course you want to find the perfect florist, but consider asking them about their thoughts on being eco-conscious. Many florists now try their best to keep their arrangements as green as possible, so hiring the right one is a great first step on your sustainable journey. 

Sustainable Wedding Flowers

Hayley Baxter Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Stay seasonal & locally grown 

Did you know many of our favourite wedding blooms travel all the way from South America? Yes, really they do! Whilst Ireland isn’t a huge flower producer, there are local flower farms here and within the UK who grow amazing produce. If you choose in season flowers the quality will be at its peak and prices should hopefully reflect this. Many florists are now growing their own beautiful flowers to help fulfil their weddings, so ask if this is an option. Another option is to grow your own, or ask a friend or family member who loves to grow if they could grow some flowers for your day. We know of lots of parents who have lovingly grown flowers for their children’s wedding days. 

Sustainable Wedding Flowers

Bettie Rose Flowers

Foam free all the way 

Floral foam, commonly known as Oasis, is a non-biodegradable petroleum by-product that was the florist choice for many, many years. As florists have learnt more about the bad effects it has on the planet many have stepped away from using it throughout their arrangements favouring natural alternatives such as moss and chicken wire to form the structure of their displays. 

Sustainable Wedding Flowers

Lauren Elliott Photography via Love My Dress

Divine dried flowers

Over the past few years dried flowers have made a comeback, and not in a retro 80’s way! Today they are modern, rustic and a favourite of many boho loving brides. Don’t believe us, have a look here. Dried flowers will last for longer, usually one to two years after the day, ensuring you can keep a part of your day for longer. 

Sustainable Wedding Flowers

Nathan Westerfield via Nashville Bride Guide

Potted perfection 

Using potted flowers such as orchid and spray rose, trees like the olive tree, and even potted herbs means you get to enjoy them long after your wedding day, plus they give a fabulous organic and botanical feel. 

Repurpose with pleasure 

What happens your flowers after your wedding day? For many they are simply left to wither and die. Don’t let this happen, ask your florist if they offer a repurposing service. Many will be happy to reuse your displays to create posies that can be gifted to wedding guests. 

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