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Sweet Smelling: How To Scent Your Wedding Day

scent your day

We’re not just talking about you smelling sweet on your wedding day, we’re talking about bringing beautiful scent to the entire day! 

Most of us are a little obsessed with creating cosy, warm vibes at home, so why not bring that into your wedding day too? But how exactly can you achieve that, let us share some secrets with you… 

If you’re on the lookout for a new signature perfume for the day, check out Six Memorable Wedding Day Scents For The Bride and Six Grooms Scents For The Wedding Day. 

Ask for scented blooms from your florist

One of the most natural ways to add scent to your day is through the floral displays. From your bouquet to table centres, entrance arches and pew ends, speak to your florist about adding highly scented flowers to your designs. You can’t get a sweeter smell than classic David Austin roses, whilst peonies, stock and eucalyptus all have glorious aromas. 

Add scented candles to your set up

With permission adding scented candles to your ceremony and reception rooms will bring a touch of luxury and aroma to your day. Be careful not to add too much scent around tables during the reception meal as you don’t want to overwhelm the food! Using scented and non-scented candles is a great idea. 

Include scented hand wash and hand cream to your reception bathrooms

Carry the scent right through the day by adding your favourite matching handwash and hand cream to your bathrooms for guests to enjoy. It’s these little touches that will bring a very personal touch to your wedding. 

scent your day

Neals Yard

Diffuse your favourite essential oils

Give the feeling of a spa break by diffusing your favourite essential oils. This is a great idea if you are not permitted to burn candles.

Create your own scented petal confetti

If you fancy a little DIY before the day, drying rose petals and adding scent will make the ultimate confetti – great fun for your guests and for the confetti shot! 

Gift guests a mini scent from your day

Scents evoke memories so why not send your guests home with their own mini scented memory! 

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