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Sweet Ways to Add Your ‘Something Blue’ to Your Wedding

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence for your Shoe… We’ve all heard the rhyme but where does it come from? Surprisingly, this superstitious practice comes from the Victorian era, where each “something” represents a token of good luck. Tradition states that the bride needs all the good luck she can get to protect her from Evil Eye, a curse that could make her infertile. While most of us aren’t superstitious, we still love to include our “somethings” to this day!


Here’s what each item means:

Something Old: This item connects the bride with her past. Modern couples use this as a chance to incorporate something sentimental and special into their Big Day.

Something New: This token of hope is a symbol of the new journey ahead and a new chapter beginning.

Something Borrowed: What better way to obtain good luck than to borrow something from a happily married couple? It’s a way to have somebody else’s good fortune rub off on you.

Something Blue: Did you know that blue is the colour of love, purity and fidelity? These are three qualities for a solid marriage!

A Sixpence for your Shoe: A Sixpence was a coin in Victorian England, symbolising lasting wealth.


Today we’re talking about Something Blue! Here are some sweet ways you can incorporate your Something Blue into your Big Day…

The New Glass Slipper


something blue 1

Tatie’s Hotties 


Dancing Brides




Lux Events and Design


David’s Bridal


Vasia Han Photo


Liz Beth


Newport Wedding Glam




Paige Joanna


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