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Ask the Experts – “Where do I look for an Alternative Wedding Dress?”

Want to know the latest bridal trends and where to go to find unique and modern wedding dress designers? Just ask the experts! We did! Read More »


Ask the Experts – “What Are the Current Trends in Wedding Rings?”

Find out what your options are for wedding ring style in this week’s Ask the Experts. Read More »

Ask The Experts – ‘Can my Scottish Best Man Wear a Kilt, or Is a Suit the Right Option?’

Sometimes even the grooms have to put their thinking caps on when faced with pressing fashion questions! Here, our suit hire experts advise on what to do when the best man has alternative ideas for his attire. Read More »


Ask The Experts – ‘Should I Tell the Photographer How I Want to be Photographed?’

When it comes to wedding photographs, our experts are unanimous – it’s better to tell your photographer what you want, than be disappointed with your wedding photos later. Is there something you want your photographer to avoid? Tell them – Liam Kidney, Fiona Morgan, Rory O’Toole and Paul Keeling explain why. Read More »

Ask The Experts – ‘Can I Take My flowers From the Church to the Reception?’

Today, our experts from Jimazen, A Room in Bloom, Little Daisy Flowers and Wow Weddings give their advice for this bridal dilemma – is it acceptable to remove the floral arrangements from the church after the ceremony, and take them to the reception? Click here to find out. Read More »


Ask the Experts – ‘How Long Before The Wedding Should I Send The Invites?’

Whether you’re having a big celebration or an intimate do, you need to give your guests enough notice, especially if they’re travelling from afar. Today, our experts from Lantz Weddings, Finer Details and the Parlour Press Wedding Stationery share their invaluable advice on the best time to send your invites. Read More »

Ask the Experts – ‘How Do I Make Sure My Cake Stays Fresh?’

Your wedding cake will be gorgeous, delicious and very photogenic – but how do you ensure it stays fresh until it’s time to cut and serve? How to keep it fresh is a good question to ask your cake maker when you’re booking their service – but if you forget, don’t worry – you can be sure they have lots of experience handling every kind of cake, and so will your venue. Our experts tell you how it’s done. Read More »

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