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6 Incredible Honeymoons For €4000 Or Less

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A Perfect Day at Parknasilla

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This Week’s Favourite Finds – Sweet Wedding Details

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5 Honeymoon Styles – Which One’s For You?

Nowadays you can have any kind of honeymoon you want – whether you’re on a budget, or cost is no option. The only thing your honeymoon should be is unforgettable. Here are five ideas for fantastic honeymoons – which one’s for you? Read More »


Ask The Experts – Honeymoon – Where do I go to catch the sun after my winter wedding?

The classic honeymoon destinations are the sunny ones – even more so for the winter brides who have the perfect opportunity to get on that flight and catch some rays after the white wedding! Here are some expert suggestions for the tried-and-tested destinations, as well as some more unusual ones for a true trip of a lifetime. Our experts Joanna of Travel Focus, Fiona of Classic Resorts and Andre of give their top picks for the winter-wedded sun-chasers. Read More »

Ask the Experts – Honeymoon – Where should we go on an ‘adventure’ honeymoon?

While most couples are looking forward to a honeymoon being pampered by the pool of a 5* hotel in the Med, others are taking their time out to embark on a little adventure before coming home to ‘settle down’. Today we’re asking travel and honeymoon experts Joanna of Travel Focus, Fiona of Classic Resorts and Andre of their suggestions on where couples can go for the honeymoon of a lifetime. Read More »


Munich City Break? You Could Do Bratwurst!

About this Munich city break, Karen Birney and Brian Byrne say “you could do Bratwurst”. Read More »