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Wedding Traditions Around The World

Every country and culture has its own wedding customs – some may inspire an Irish bride, while others can give her a good giggle! From broken crockery in Germany and India’s sacred fire, to the French macaron tower and the Greek custom of spitting on the bride – here are some of our favourite foreign wedding traditions. Read More »

Destination Wedding: A Relaxed Retro Celebration in San Miniato, Italy

Today we’re taking a trip to the stunning setting of San Miniato in Tuscany for Roger and Lucy’s laid back, retro classic real wedding. The couple enlisted the help of Infinity Weddings & Events wedding planner Barbara Caló, who brought all their ideas together and helped them to realise their dream wedding day. “The scenery was beautiful, the accommodation was perfect, and our wedding planner Barbara filled us with such confidence that we simply had to let her plan our big day!” Read More »


Italy – Tips for Getting Married Abroad

Italy – tips for getting married abroad, straight from an Italian wedding planner. Read More »