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Top Ten Bridal Dress Shopping Tips with Lamelia Bridal Studio

Are you searching for your bridal dress? Today we’ve enlisted the help of Dawn from Lamelia Bridal Studio in Sligo to help you find the one.  This premier bridal studio is based outside Sligo town on the main Sligo to … Read More »


5 Real Brides Share Their Best Advice

Nobody understands the stresses and strains of planning a wedding quite like the brides who have gone before you and experienced all those emotions first hand!  We know arranging the biggest day of your life can seem pretty scary at … Read More »

10 Useful Pieces of Advice We Shared in 2018

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Ask the Expert – Wedding Flowers: Boutique Blooms

You’ll soon find out that your wedding flowers are the one key element of your day that bring all your planning and wedding look together. Today in our quest to help your planning go as easily as possible we’ve been … Read More »

10 Key Pieces of Wedding Planning Advice from Real Brides

Literally the minute you announce your engagement you will be offered some friendly wedding planning advice from someone – that’s a fact! Whilst it is lovely and helpful to receive well-meaning advice when you are planning the biggest day of … Read More »


9 Useful Posts to Read Now You’ve Got the Ring!

Congratulations! We’re guessing if you’ve come to have a read of this post you’ve recently been the recipient of a lovely piece of bling and have accepted a marriage proposal – how exciting and welcome to the wedding planning club! … Read More »

8 Beautiful Unplugged Wedding Signs that Won’t Offend your Guests

Chances are if you’re on Facebook (and lets face it, most of us are!) you’ll have seen the photos wedding photographers have posted pleading with wedding guests to stop pulling their cameras out at very important moments and getting in … Read More »