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10 Things To Ask When Planning Your Wedding Budget

Some of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your wedding will be all about the budget – so how do you prepare? First, ensure you’re not left to make all the decisions on your own. Secondly, here’s a list of 10 important questions to consider – discuss them with your fiancé at the earliest opportunity, and together you’ll be able to agree on the things that are most important to the both of you. After all, it’s your wedding day – have it exactly the way you want. Read More »

Ask The Experts – ‘Should I Mix our Multinational Families at the Tables?’

It won’t just be two families attending Delphine’s wedding – one side is Irish, the other is French! This is a dilemma increasingly faced by modern brides, in a world where people meet online, move across the world, or simply fall in love with someone who didn’t grow up in the same town, or even the same country. Four experts, all from Ireland’s foremost wedding venues, give their opinion on whether the table plan should reflect the blending of the two families, or rather allow the guests to party with their fellow countrymen. Read More »


3 Reasons Why Girls Are Better at Planning Weddings

The person who said “behind every good man is an even better woman” was right, of course. And if that person ever planned a wedding, they may even say “behind every wedding is a woman who got acquainted with a thousand spreadsheets while the groom went on a stag do and left it too late to get the right suits”. Brides-to-be – we salute you for all your hard work. Read More »

Top Table Dilemmas – Family Issues

Your wedding top table is like a VIP area – everyone wants to be included! While it’s traditional to include the parents, the best man and the chief bridesmaid, you may have some difficulties if there are any family issues. Here are some brilliant alternatives to a traditional top table setting that may help you avoid any family conflicts. Read More »


What Do Ushers Do?

The groom has a job – to show up groomed and say “I do”. The best man has a job – to support the groom. But what about the ushers? Are they just decorative escorts to the bridesmaids, extras from the stag do, or perhaps something along the lines of Robin Hood’s merry men? Well – yes, no and maybe! How about no more guessing – here’s our no-nonsense guide to usher duties. Read More »