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How to Take the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Engagement season is here which means you’ll be seeing plenty of engagement ring selfies on your insta and Facebook feeds! If you’re the proud owner of a new ring and need to perfect your own engagement ring selfie, take a peek at these handy tips and some inspo below!

Tips for Nailing Your Engagement Ring Selfie

Whether you share it with the world, or just take a pic for yourself the engagement selfie is a gorgeous memento from this happy time. This particular pic will be getting lots of attention if you do share it on the ‘gram so these tips might come in handy…

1. Make sure your nails look the part. Treat them to a lick of polish or a mani so you’re showing off your hands at their best!

2. When it comes to lighting, natural is best. Take it during the day, close to a window or even outside to catch that sparkle and avoid shadows and harsh glares.

3. In terms of the angle, you wanna show off that rock. Play around with your angles to see what works best for your stone. Above is always a good option if you’re struggling!

4. When you’re choosing your backdrop, pick something pretty like a gorgeous skyline, the ocean in the distance or a cute cushion. Always avoid anything too cluttered – you want the ring to be the star of the show.

5. When it comes to the pose, the pros say hand raised in the air works really well! If you’re worried about shakes, keep things natural by resting it on a prop such as a magazine, your bag or holding your morning cuppa.

6. As noted, props can come in handy! It can add an element of fun to the pic and can be a great way to get some bridal vibes going. Some wedding mags or takeaway cup with ‘Bride-to-be’ on it can look super cute.

7. It all depends on your own personal style, but try and do something that is you rather than just copy a pic you’ve seen on Pinterst. Simple is sometimes best!

Some Cute Inspo…




@lindsayxxmarie via Instagram


via @livvylandblog

Adrienne May 

Photo via Natalie Franke Photography




Jordan Neslund via Instagram

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