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10 Things You Can Say NO To For Your Wedding

Just a generation ago, weddings were very different. Things had to be done a certain way, and couples that wanted to do things differently pretty much had to elope. Well, times have changed! The proof is right here – 10 things you can say NO to for your wedding. Pick one or pick them all – you’ll still have a fantastic celebration.

1. An engagement party

Engagement parties… we love them, we do! They’re like an awards season kick-off – they start things rolling, and it only gets better from there, culminating in the best party of all… your wedding day. But does every couple have to throw an engagement do? Not if they don’t want to! Say NO to a party you don’t want, or can’t afford, or simply don’t have time to plan. Mark your engagement in some other way – dinner with both sets of parents at your favourite restaurant… a weekend away with your other half… pizza and movie night with your best friends.

2. Unsolicited advice

You know that saying, ‘ask and you shall receive’? In weddings, it’s more like ‘don’t ask, and you shall receive anyway’. Unsolicited advice is like buying someone else’s junk at one of those mystery bag auctions. Among all the rubbish you didn’t want, you may find one gem that makes the thing worthwhile. But that’s if you’re lucky, because most of the time it’s a complete waste of time and money. Don’t be afraid to say NO to unsolicited advice. All it does is cause doubt about the decisions you already made. Well – don’t let that happen! The answer is simple: every time someone says ‘you should do things this way’, just say, ‘great, thanks! I’ll talk to my other half about it’. That’s all. And sooner or later, they’ll get the message.

3. The bouquet toss

So, on your wedding day, you’ll be carrying the finest, prettiest, wowsiest bouquet of flowers (or jewels!) you’ve ever held in your life. And then… you gonna toss it away to all the single ladies? It’s a nice tradition and all, but what if you secretly feel sorry you had to throw the bouquet away? Once you toss, you can’t ask for it back, you know. Say NO to the bouquet toss, say YES to keeping it forever! Fresh flowers can be preserved in many gorgeous ways – you can even ask your florist what blooms he or she recommends for this purpose.

Photo from Helen & Philip’s real wedding at Amber Springs Hotel by Insight Photography

4. Plus ones

Let’s do the math. There are 60 people you’d love to have at your wedding. Your venue can get you a fab package, priced just right for this number of guests. But wait, oh no! Don’t those people want to bring their partners or boyfriends or neighbours? Should I do ‘plus one’ on every invitation? BOOM you just doubled your guest list, killed your budget, and most of those people don’t know you, or barely know you. If you truly want to have a wedding that feels lovely, intimate and happy, say NO to plus ones. You are in no way obligated to invite strangers if you don’t want to.

5. Traditions you don’t care about

Speeches? First dance? Receiving line? Confetti throw? If any of these make you feel like you want to run and hide, then don’t have them! Trust us – not a single guest will say ‘it was a lovely wedding, but it would have been so much better if there were speeches.’ On the day itself, everyone’s attention will be on you anyway, but those things are like attention x10. If you can’t bear it, say NO!

Photo from Aoife & Steven’s real wedding at Schloss Prielau Hotel, Austria by Seventh Events

6. DIY everything

Are you surprised? Well, we have to be truthful about this. DIY is only good for people who meet the following criteria: a) they love doing it themselves; b) they have plenty of helpers for all the projects; and c) there’s enough time. If you don’t have even one of those things, you’ll end up in glue-and-ribbon hell. A mere glimpse of glitter will bring tears to your eyes. An innocent mention of going to a craft store will feel like being asked to go barefoot into a petrol station bathroom. Yes, we know we’re being dramatic, but it’s true! Say NO do DIY if you can’t manage it! If you absolutely must have something, pick one thing. ONE. Job done.

7. A white dress

A white wedding gown is a dream, a vision and a work of art… but what if it’s just not YOU? What if you want a blue, or pink or champagne dress? Or one of those amazing ombre gowns? And have you seen the separates? Have it! This wedding will only happen once in your life, so you should look exactly the way you want! There’s no way you’ll be flipping through the photo album 10 years from now, and thinking ‘I really should have worn that sparkly peach number I saw in the third store’. If you don’t want white, say NO and go with the colour you love!

Photo from The 8 Amazing Bridal Trends you NEED to Know for 2017

8. Cheesy wedding photos

Every photographer is a unique artist. You probably chose yours because you liked the look, the charm (and the price) of what they offer. But what if you find certain photo trends somewhat dorky like holding up signs that say ‘thank you’, or making that heart shape thing with your hands? Then feel free to let your photographer know. It’s not every couple’s style – and if it’s not yours, just say NO. Your photographer wants you to be absolutely wowed by the photos once you get them – and we guarantee they’ll be happy to listen to your preferences.

9. The Macarena and all her friends

We’re just going to use the Macarena as a scapegoat here (sorry, Los Del Rio). Same rule we mentioned about photographs above applies to your reception music. Whatever tracks get on your nerves, just say NO – and tell your DJ or band! It’s your party, your wedding, your dance floor, and if you don’t wanna hear any Taylor Swift or Black Eyed Peas or Abba, then you don’t have to. There are millions of other songs for a fantastic boogie.

Photo from Fiona & Seán’s real wedding by Emma Russell Photography

10. And finally… goat’s cheese tart

Yes, you read that right. The goat’s cheese tart is a little bit like The Macarena. Basically, at most weddings, a few guests will be vegetarians or vegans. And the misfortune that befalls them almost everywhere they go is lack of variety. Imagine being invited to lots of great parties, and being served the same food at each one. Three parties later, and you’ll be hitting McDonald’s drive-thru on your way to the fourth one. Say NO to the standard option and make your vegetarian guests happy. It’s easy – call them and ask what food they get served every time they go to a wedding, and don’t get that food! Ask your venue what vegetarian options they offer, and stay away from the thing nobody wants to eat. Your vegetarian guests will remember your kindness for years to come.

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