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Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles for 2013 – The Wedding Hair you NEED to Trial!

1. The Top Knot

top knot wedding hair bride
Dennis Basso Spring 2013 on The Cinderella Project via Pinterest

We’ve loved the top knot ever since we posted about a very stylish Jenny Packham bride in the USA. Of course the top knot has gone mainstream now and strolling around the streets Dublin you may spot it more times than you’d like, but there’s something very elegant and very bridal about this ‘do. It’s quite a severe do compared to the more popular, softer bridal styles, but it really makes an impact!

We recommend if… You’re wearing a high neck wedding dress, or a dress with intricate detailing on the back.

Don’t try this if… You don’t like your side profile (my own chin wouldn’t take too kindly to this look unfortunately).

2. The Youthful Braid

youthful braid wedding hair bride
via Pinterest

The forgotten braid has all but taken over bridal hair styles in the past few months, and understandably. Pretty and playful plaits remind us of youth and of freedom and bring a softness and carefree feeling to bridal attire. The full plait is probably one to be kept for the younger bride, however if you want to add some pretty, boho style plaits to your do while keeping it grown up and elegant, intertwine them in an updo.

We recommend this if… You are a flower child.

Don’t try this if… You look under the age of 23 (darn it!).

3. The Softly Swept Side ‘do

side swept bun wedding hair bride
madeoutofrealthings via Pinterest

Probably the most popular look for Irish brides, the soft side ‘do is all things we need it to be – easy to wear, pretty, feminine, elegant and can take the weight of an almighty veil. We particularly love the finger brushed curls in this one, which look neat and tidy while still being quite sexy and loose.

We recommend this if… You think your hair isn’t nice up, but are feeling curious.

Don’t try this if… You only want to wear your hair up because you think all brides should.

4. The Pretty Rocker’s Pink

wedding hair pink pretty flowers down
Ciara Richardson Photography via Pinterest

It may have been the red carpet, but everyone was thinking pink when Helen Mirren rocked up with her punchy ‘do. We’re loving the blush look in weddings this year too, and this is just the coolest way to introduce it. Obviously we won’t be running out to the hair colourist or the local pharmacy the night before the big day (flash back to myself and my mate Jenny bleaching the ends of our hair in my parent’s bathroom when we were about 14 – ouch) but what we are saying is that if your hair is not a conventional colour, you can still rock it bridal style. (This style is also perfect for other hair colours by the way!)

We recommend this if… You are happy with pink hair.

Don’t try this if… You’ve never had pink hair.

5. The 50’s Siren

vintage waves wedding hair 50's style vintage style waves wedding bride hair
Left: via Pinterest | Right: Society Bride via Pinterest

The vintage wave has become massively popular with stars on the red carpet (the hair and make-up guys on Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire must be cleaning up on overtime!) and is about to boom in bridal. We love this look – it’s sexy, playful, stylish and always elegant. The wave is great no matter what length hair you have and turns the ‘glamour’ notch all the way up to eleven. Pair with a flick of liner and some shockingly red lips and you’re ready to roll.

We recommend this if… You want to feel a million dollars even as you sweat it out on the dancefloor.

Don’t try this if… You’re not a fan of the pin up girls of the 40s.

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6. The No Fuss Bun

wedding hair low elegant bun
Rylee Hitchner via Pinterest

We say ‘no fuss’ but as most wedding hair stylists know, these styles take a lot more to master than you’d imagine! This elegant, soft updo provides just the right amount of framing and is great if you would like to avoid adding tongs, straightners or curling irons to your well-nourished hair! The best thing about this style is it can be worn with a veil or headpiece, and can be easily fixed for the afters if you want to take your veil out. This style does well with highlighted hair or hair with lots of colour, which will give it dimension and volume.

We recommend if… You want a casual ‘I always look this incredible’ hair style.

Don’t try this if… You’re going for out and out glamour on your big day.

7. The Ombre Bride’s Hairstyle

ombre wedding hair bride down waves
via Pinterest

A HUGELY popular colour trend for ladies last year, the ombre look is not showing signs of letting up (well, I don’t plan changing mine any time soon!). Embrace the ombre on your big day by wearing your hair down, with beach style waves to give it extra depth. The cute braid, pinning the front back in this ‘do is a nice touch, and adds a more boho feel to the overall look.

We recommend this if… You’re stylin’ the dip dye look at the moment.

Don’t try this if… You’ve regretted trends in the past. Although it pains me to say, the ombre may end up being the perm of the 2000s.

8. The Short n’ Sweet

side short hair wedding style bride
via Pinterest

It can be very difficult to find images for short haired brides-to-be to model their look on (if that’s you, check out our post on real brides with short wedding hair styles in our beauty section) but this one caught our eye. Perfect for those with a short or graduated bob, this style provides great movement to the hair, with a sexy side fringe adding a beautifully soft frame.

We recommend this if… You are tired of people asking you if you’re going to wear extentions.

Don’t try this if… You’ve never had a fringe cut.

short hair wedding

9. The Chignon Bouffant

low chignon wedding hair
via Pinterest

A princess style if ever we did see one, this chignon is a glamorous statement perfect for an elegant wedding look. A little bit ‘high society’, this look goes well with ballgowns and adds lots of volume to hair. The magic in this style lies beneath the hair which is puffed up with the help of structure hair pieces expertly placed by your wedding hair stylist.

We recommend this if… You’re want to ooze confidence and glamour on the big day, and have an amazingly sparkly hair slide to show off.

Don’t try this if… You’re afraid of volume.

10. Retro Short

retro style wedding hair short

This super sweet and stylish do is a great option for brides with short hair who want to do something special for their big day. We’re imagining this with a fabulous tea length gown with a great big skirt, and the most amazing pair of patent red shoes for a real 50’s style rock chick look!

We recommend if… You have sass and style in equal measures, and plan to spend at least 10 minutes jiving to Chuck Berry at the afters.

Don’t try this if… You’re trying to be demure.

By Karen Birney

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Former editor, current contributor, (she just can't let go!) Karen enjoys writing fashion but is known to dabble in decor from time to time. Her favourite section on the site is the Real Wedding section, followed closely by the Health & Fitness forums.

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