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Top 5 Tips to Prepare for Your Wedding Photos

prepare for your wedding photos

You’ll look gorgeous. So will your other half. And you are pretty sure what style of photography you want to document the day. What more do you need to do to prepare for your wedding photos? Turns out, a few very useful things. Here they are:

1. Hire the right photographer. 

Of course, this is the most important thing to consider when you start to prepare for your wedding photos. You may make your choice dependent on prices, but it might be a much smarter move to actually consider the recommendations of people whom you know. This way you can already be sure that the photographer has the expertise in doing wedding shoots. This photographer should also be the one to take care of your engagement shoot, so that the consistency of images will be smooth through and through. Needless to say, an engagement shoot in itself is an invaluable way to prepare for your wedding photos.

2. Talk things over with your photographer. 

If you have some creative ideas of your own, feel free to voice these out with your wedding photographer. Take time to make appointments or meetings prior to the wedding day and ask the photographer to brief you with the shoot essentials. While you are at it, consider taking some creative and funny wedding shots so that your picture would not look too boring or serious. After all, these images would be forever etched in you and your spouse’s history together. You might want to also ask him to take solo pictures of your entourage in such a creative fashion.

3. Prepare for your wedding photos at the makeup and hair trial.  

Literally, a makeup and hair trial is a god-sent for this. Be a good customer and ask if you can wear the makeup and hair out of the studio – not all artists allow this. If they say yes, don’t go home straight away and wash or brush it all off. It’s likely you’ll have at least one bridesmaid with you at the trial, but if not, ask a friend to meet you after a trial in your favourite spot (maybe the local park, coffee shop, bookstore?). Take some pictures in the available light, and you’ll see instantly which angles look best, and how the makeup/hair holds up in different light. Plus, it’s loads of fun, and will help you relax in front of the camera if you are the nervous type.

4. Select complementing outfits. 

This goes for both the engagement pictures and the wedding day itself. The groom’s clothes and wedding attire should complement that of his bride’s. Just the same, the bride’s stunning gown should not overshadow the groom because the picture should be able to capture the glow and vibrancy of you together as a newlywed couple. So take time to know what both of you are going to wear to have this sorted out early on.

5. Take a good rest prior to the photo shoot. 

Relax and get a good night’s sleep. The best way to ensure that you would have stunning photos is if you have a shoot after you have rested well. It puts you in a good mood and prevents dark circles or eye bags under your eyes. A rested bride is a happy bride!

Want to get into even more detail? We have some amazing tips on how to pose, kiss, and really make your photos look fun and natural.

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Amy Croffey

Amy Croffey

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