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Top DIY Wedding Favours to Impress Your Guests!

Planning a wedding can be a little overwhelming, so the last thing that you might want to do is start fiddling with bits of glitter, paper and bows. But making your own wedding favours does not have to be that way. When planning your wedding favours, think simple, economical and something that your guests will actually want, not something they are likely to throw away the next day meaning all your hard work goes to waste! 

So here is a list of some of our favourite DIY wedding favours!

1. Cookies, Cakes or Pies in Jars  

Get your baking cap on and make some delicious treats for your guests. Of course, like all other favours, family and friends can lend you a helping hand in the kitchen.  We love these really cute ‘Pie in a Jar’ wedding favours, which can also double up as your dessert – learn how to make them on Green Wedding Shoes.

Candice Benjamin Photography – as main image

If you’re more of a cookie kind of gal, you could make small biscuits in all different flavours and decorations! Add them to favour boxes, like these vintage-style LOVE letter favour boxes from the Shop or pack them into hand-made mesh bags and secure with a ribbon! Again, these favours could double up as treats for your guests to have with their tea and coffee.

2. Caricatures

If you’re really arty, or you know someone who is, then make up special caricatures of your guests. Add them to the tables as place names and take-home favours for an extra surprise! To keep it ‘DIY’ you could ask a friend or instead, hire a caricaturist to draw your guests at the venue. We promise you, your guests will just love this idea because of how personal it is!

Find a wedding caricaturist on WOL!

Deirdre Lynn Phototography

3. Sweet for my Sweet…

Simple but cute – put you and your OH’s favourite sweets into bundles, boxes or leave them on a dish, and place them at each table sitting to stand as a wedding place name! Buy your sweets in bulk in cash and carries, local stores or online – WeddingsOnline Heart Sweets, Just Married Rock Candy. If your need a little help with this, ask family and friends for help or contact The Candy Cart Company.

Lisa and Conor made sweet favours in tiny buckets for their Easter themed wedding, which also added to the decor of their wedding reception – see the rest of their real wedding!

Julie Cummins Photography

Heart Sweets | Butterfly Dish | Just Married Rock Candy | Favour Boxes all from the Shop

4. …Sugar for my Honey

For a sweet idea, use personalised honey pots as your wedding favours. Make them yourself by buying the honey in bulk from a bee farm and label the jars (with the help of family and friends) with you and your husband’s names and your wedding date! A similar favour could be made with jam instead of honey, and you can keep costs to a minimum by making jam from fruits that are in season.

Honey by | Jams by Rebekah J Murray Photography

5. Perfect Match

Matchbox wedding favours are small and economical and easy to make, plus there are so many puns you can add to the labels on them! The most important thing about this project is that you absolutely must use strike anywhere matches, as any other matches will not work!

See how to make these matches in jars on Ruffled

Learn how to make these cute matchboxes by Camille Styles

6. Cootie Catcher

You probably made them down the back of the classroom in school, but cootie catchers are making a comeback as wedding favours. Easy to make, they will keep your guests entertained and act a conversation starter for guests who don’t know each other very well! If you’re not sure about the idea of guests ‘kissing’ then change the words to dance with, take a picture with, hug etc.

Learn how to make them at Martha Stewarts Weddings!

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    Great list of wedding favours! I especially like the Sweet for my sweet section.

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