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Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

wedding flowers

Main Image from A Magical Real Wedding at The Village at Lyons, Photography by Michelle Prunty

Trying to pick your wedding flowers? Help is at hand! We recruited three of our flower experts to share their top tips!

Barbara from Jimazen Flowers – View Profile

1. Make a scrap book of all the bouquet and arrangements you like to show to your chosen florist. Pinterest is a great way to see the different styles/themes that are in fashion.

2. What is the style of wedding you are hoping for? Rustic, romantic or elegant, some flowers are better suited for different themes. And provide your florist with a colour sample of fabric from the bride and bridesmaids dresses – it is a great help when matching colours.

3. It is easier for your florist to know the budget from the start and your requirements and work from there. One thing that will affect your budget is the time of year or date in which you choose to get married, e.g. Valentines, Christmas. Don’t forget you can move your flowers from the church/civil ceremony to the reception to save on cost.

4. When choosing a particular bouquet, it is important to ensure it suits your body shape and that the flowers will complement your wedding dress, not overpower it or clash. And make sure that the flowers you pick aren’t too heavy or too hard to carry, remember you will be carrying it all day!

5. Make it personal – try to incorporate flowers into the bouquet that have a special meaning to you or a picture of a close one that you want to keep close on your special day.

Jesse from Bloomsday Flowers – View Profile

1. Choose seasonal flowers, or leave your flower choices open and concentrate on the colours and textures you like rather than specific varieties. By selecting what’s current on the flower markets, the quality and price will be the best available. Putting together a Pinterest board will help your florist understand the overall look you are hoping to achieve.

2. Shop around by how a florist’s work suits your own personal style, rather than by price or generic packages. At the end of the day a good florist will help you get best value for your budget to suit your particular venues. You won’t see your flowers until the day of your wedding, you want to be confident that you are on the same page.

3. Spend your décor budget wisely, decorating areas of the church and reception venue that will be appreciated by your guests and feature prominently in your wedding photos. Ask your florist to see photos of other work they have done in your particular venues and use their advice on what has worked best for other couples.

4.  Talk to your photographer about getting great shots of your wedding flowers, including a ‘portrait’ of your bridal bouquet. Your flowers are perfect for one day only! And a tip especially for grooms: buy flowers for your anniversary from your wedding florist and score points by asking them to include flower varieties from your wedding!

Anne from The Flower Den – View Profile

1. The most common question I am asked is how soon should I book a florist and people always seem very shocked when you tell them I have weddings booked a year and  more in advance. So don’t be disappointed, go and speak to your florist even before you choose your bridesmaids dresses, while the colour of the dresses will have an impact on the flowers  you can have your designs and layout of your flowers organised.

2. Remember your florist in most cases will carry a lot of room décor so please ask them before you head off to get it elsewhere. Remember they are qualified to link in the appropriate accessories. I am finding a lot of unnecessary items being supplied that have no bearing on the wedding theme adding extra expense to the couple.

3. Let your florist help you design your arrangement to suit your taste – it is always easier to do this when you are looking in from outside.

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