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Unity Ceremony Ideas For Your Big Day

As two become one, you may be looking for a special way to demonstrate your love and commitment. A unity ceremony is a fabulous way of personalising this very special and significant commitment. We have rounded up some of our favourite unity ceremony ideas. They are all creative ways to show that you are joining together forever!

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Light a candle

This beautiful unity ceremony demonstrates the joining together of two families. You will have three candles; two smaller candles and one bigger unity candle. Typically the smaller candles are each lit by the mothers, or a representative from each side of the family. Then the couple will take the flame from their respective candles, and together, light the bigger, unity candle.

Pat Clarke-Browne Humanist Celebrant and Solemniser


In this Celtic tradition, the hands or wrists are tied together using ribbons or cords. This is a beautiful symbol of two lives becoming one as they literally tie the knot. Usually ribbon or cord is used but some couples choose to use fabric or lace which has some special meaning to them. Their hands are bound by the ribbons and once the binding has been completed the couple then keep the knotted fabric as a symbol or their commitment and their wedding day.

Photographer: Renata Dapsyte Photography

Plant a tree

In this unity ceremony, couples take soil from each family garden or a place of significance. Then, during this symbolic tree planting, both cups of soil are blended together. This symbolises adding nourishment, goodness and support; the elements marriage needs to grow. Later, couples can choose to plant the tree in the ground, so the roots can grow and intertwine.

Alysha Miller Photography

Seal a box

There are many ways to seal a box together during your wedding ceremony. Usually the couple would put a beautiful bottle of wine into the box, along with love letters and other significant objects. Once the box is sealed, it remains that way until a significant anniversary, say 10 years.

A Beautiful Ceremony – Registered Solemnisers

Pour sand

This is a beautiful unity ceremony for a beach wedding, but can certainly take place anywhere! The couple can take different coloured sand from their individual glass and pour them into a shared vase. This is a symbol of two lives becoming one and blending together.

Daragh Doyle Celebrant & Registered Solemniser

A religious moment

If you are looking for a special religious moment to include in your ceremony, there are lots to choose from. Religious couples can take communion together or braid a cord of three strands – two ceremonies which typically symbolise the couple joining together with God. Another popular special moment is the washing of feet. This ceremony has religious roots, as Jesus washed his disciples’ feet, but it can also simply symbolise the selfless love between a couple.

Rev Karen Dempsey – Registered Solemniser | Alan Dunne Photography

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