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Vegan Wedding Ideas Even Non-Vegans Will Love!

There’s no secret about it, if you tell people you’re having a vegan wedding, they’ll have an opinion. We’re here to tell you that vegan weddings can be just as awesome as ‘normal’ ones. In fact, your vegan lifestyle and love for nature is something that’s dear to your heart, and that’s what will shine through. A vegan wedding isn’t just about the food, so we’ve gathered some fabulous ideas for you. We love all things eco-friendly and cruelty-free and these ideas are truly inspiring.

We enlisted the help of vegan activist and wedding caricaturist, Andrew Goti, so make sure you read till the end to hear about his vegan wedding.


Vegan Wedding Food

We’re going to start here because your non-vegan friends and family are going to have a lot of questions. If you live the lifestyle, you’ll know that vegan food is incredibly delicious and packed with flavour. Your guests who haven’t had a taste of awesome vegan food may be a little skeptical. The most important thing you can do is have lots and lots of food. People may be confused about the type of food, but you don’t want them complaining about the quantity. Feed them lots, and feed them often.

“Cruelty-free fare consists of both fresh plant foods, cheese & dairy substitutes and high tech mock meats replicating texture, taste and presentation,” says Andrew.

There are some fabulous Irish wedding foodies who would be delighted to help you craft a vegan wedding menu. The team at Crepe Wagon in Dublin say that their most popular crepe is the vegan one topped with homemade vegan chocolate! You can also find delicious vegan alternatives at, Bernadette Kennelly Wedding Cakes (they specialise in Gluten Free and vegan cakes), T2 Coffee Van, and Collins Coffee Camp.

When it comes to alcohol, Andrew reminded us that while most lagers and spirits are vegan, be more careful with champagnes. They typically contain either milk or fish derivatives, so be sure to visit for expert advice.


Avalon Events


Cruelty-Free Attire and Cosmetics

Like we said, hosting a vegan wedding isn’t just about the food. There are the obvious things to avoid (you know, leather, silk and fur), but the trick is to be resourcesful. We love seeing couples choosing vintage clothing, pleather fabrics and muskin shoes, belts and bags.

As for makeup, ask your makeup artist and hair stylist to only use products that haven’t been tested on animals. Your vegan wedding is possible with all the right products and your dream suppliers who just get you!

Kate Bean Photography


Include Your Pet

Vegans and animal lovers, consider including your furry friends in your wedding. You could have your pup walk you down the aisle or play the role of ring bearer. Andrew Goti reminds us that animals bring a” lovely homely presence with non-human animals included peacefully in the proceedings.”

We love how Emily and Sean, pictured below, included their dog, Sally in their wedding festivities! Click here to look at their full vegan wedding story.

“Our wedding was quite unusual. Firstly, we had a vegan wedding which is not the norm but felt like an obvious choice for us. We included our dog Sally on the day and it was the best decision we made.”

Keith Gordon Photography


Sustainable Confetti

Lovers of all things vegan and eco-friendly will adore creative confetti. We love bird seed, dried lavendar, leaves, petals and herbs.  The list is endless and the key is to pick something sustainable and pretty!



La Mia Casa on Etsy


Real Vegan Wedding Inspo

Of course you can expect that a vegan activist like Andrew Goti had a fabulous vegan wedding of his own! He used his caricature skills to add a personal touch to his wedding story and we can recommend that all couples do the same. Click here to take a look at Andrew’s caricature portfolio and to get in touch with him for your own wedding.


“This is the image I did of myself my wife, Tuesday, and our two dogs Reuben and Erinn for our own marriage in September last year.”


You can watch a speed video of the process here.

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