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Wedding Advice from 2020 Couples

Nothing can prepare you for planning a wedding amidst a global pandemic. Well, almost nothing. Our real weddings are packed with brilliant advice and tips from couples who planned and executed their weddings within the last year. These 2020 couples are saying it like it is! Take a look at their beautiful wedding photos and be inspired by what they have to say about getting married when things don’t turn out the way you expected them to.

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“We had just 2 households attending so we couldn’t have a bridal party but we had 2 Wedding Fairies that worked behind the scenes to make it the most fabulous day ever… In these uncertain times embrace what you can do instead of regretting what you can’t do!” – See more.

Susan Jefferies Photography


“Smaller was better for us. With the restrictions, we went ahead with 40 guests, and I can honestly say I got to chat and dance with everyone. It was perfect and we had time to dance and let our hair down for the night. I would definitely go ahead if you are nervous about the smaller numbers. I was worried the room and dancefloor might seem empty, but this definitely wasn’t the case!” – See more.

Waldemar Zukowski Wedding Photography | Firmount House


“Every bride says how the day goes so quick. To be honest I didn’t really feel like that and I think it was because we had smaller numbers. Don’t get me wrong, we really missed having everyone we wanted there but the smaller numbers meant that we could spend quality time with all our guests rather than rushing around trying to get to everyone.” – See more.

Ronan HD Photography and Alan Roche Photography | Hillgrove Hotel


“Covid has been tough for all. We decided we would follow through with our original date even if it was only us and our witnesses. I don’t regret one thing about our day. I do wish my sister in Australia could have made it along with other close relatives. I’m very grateful I had my wedding in September before the second lockdown and further restrictions. I think if it is what you really want, bite the bullet, get married and party later.” – See more.

Ken Byrne Photography


“Enjoy the planning process. Try not to stress too much about the what-ifs. Things have a way of coming together. Do not leave everything until the last minute even if you postpone. Enjoy the time spent with your family as we now know this is not always something we can take for granted. Take time out to spend with your Other Half on the day, just a few stolen moments is perfect.” – See more.

Alex Zarodov Photography | Glasson Lakehouse


“Go for it no matter what restrictions are in place. We had 26 people at the wedding including ourselves and wouldn’t change it at all. Lee’s sister got Covid a week before the wedding, so she and his parents couldn’t come and my grandmother died the week before. We didn’t let anything ruin the day. It was a bit of sunshine after a terrible year.” – See more.

Ronan HD Photography | The Johnstown Estate


“I think if this year has taught us anything, it is to focus on what’s most important in life and that is your loved ones. Of course, we wanted a wedding day with all of our family and friends from here and abroad but ultimately, we just wanted to get married and be husband and wife. If your day is affected by restrictions, it will still be the perfect day because you are marrying your partner. There will be more perfect and important days to come in your life and you will have each other. Even though there were only 25 of us, we felt like the rooms were full of smiles and cheer and utter love all around. There are also some perks to smaller weddings that I think we didn’t realize. We had so much time together and also time with each guest that we never felt flustered – we always say we felt so present on the day and we have no regrets. Just go for it!” – See more.

Ciara O’Donnell | Ballyseede Castle


“Just to take time in your wedding day for yourselves. When we think about it now, we were so happy with our small intimate wedding. If we had the wedding we originally wanted of over 300 guests we would not have had the opportunity to spend quality time with each other and our nearest and dearest.
Don’t let covid take from the most magical day of your life. It’s about getting married to your best friend at the end of the day. You can always have a party again. I think personally intimate weddings are the way forward.” – See more.

Tony Thompson | Markree Castle


“While this was not the big wedding we had planned originally it did highlight for me that a wedding is about the couple getting married. Try not to let anything take away from that. It is such a special day and while I do look forward to having a big party post-pandemic with all our family and friends I am glad we had our small intimate wedding day for us.” – See more.

Lisa Chonier Photography | Clontarf Castle


“Just go with the flow and don’t stress over small things. We ended up planning 3 weddings with different dates and locations due to Covid. But in the end, small and simple was perfect.” – See more.

Stargaze Photography | Avalon House Hotel

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