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Wedding Advice from Real Brides & Grooms

Planning a wedding can be stressful business. You want your day to be absolutely perfect and for all your guests to have the best time. Ever. But it can be overwhelming in the depths of wedding planning with a million different opinions, a dwindling budget and a Pinterest board full of fab ideas you just have to have. But you are not alone, most brides and grooms will come up against many of the same hurdles you’ve faced! So today we’re sharing advice and encouragement from our real brides and grooms who have walked the aisle before you. Here are some words of wisdom from those who have been there and done that…

A Rustic Spring Wedding at Hotel Doolin by DKPhoto

bride-groom-walking-road-ireland-weddingImage by DKPHOTOThe couple: Nicola Mannion & Niall FallonMy piece of advice for other brides/grooms… Stick to your guns, trust your instincts, don’t share too much prior to the wedding – everyone likes to have an opinion whether you want to hear it or not. If doing any DIY do it as far in advance as possible. If you’re planning on making your own bouquet, lavender looks great against white and goes with most colours (bridesmaids’ dresses) and doesn’t wither so you can make it weeks in advance if you like and get it out of the way!See Real Wedding Here!

A Dream Destination Wedding by Dubrovnik Luxury Weddings

wedding-dubrovnik-couples-adviceImage via Dubrovnik Luxury WeddingsThe couple: Fiona & Michael GibsonMy piece of advice for other brides/grooms… To communicate clearly and trust other people and wedding suppliers, it is hard to let go sometimes but they are professionals and are there to help. Don’t be pressured into making a rash decisions and ask for help.  See Real Wedding Here!

A Seriously Stylish Wedding at Tulfarris by Art Wedding Photography

KatieSean-Tulfarris-HotelGolf-Resort-Wicklow-wedding-photography-irish-wedding-vintage-natural-dress-unique-love-artweddingphotography-39Image by Art Wedding PhotographyThe Couple: Katie O’ Toole and Sean KinsellaMy piece of advice for other brides/grooms… I would definitely advise them to do their research. 1.Have a contingency budget – things will always cost more than you originally budgeted on. 2. I would highly recommend Pinterest as a way of collecting pictures and ideas of the things you like. 3. Get a great photographer. Ours captured elements and emotions of our day we hardly noticed and once it is all over those photographs are the only real lasting memory. 4. Work out what is most important to you and get that right and the rest will fall into place. You really do get back what you put in. The week leading up to the day, myself and some family members spent hours making wedding menus, bow napkins, making our signing board and table plan all in individual frames – but seeing it all come together was the best feeling ever. It was completely worth it. 5. Have a time table and list of things to do for the morning of the wedding, this will help you to be organised and prepared. 6. Finally try to relax and just enjoy your day, it goes by so fast so enjoy every last minute of it.See Real Wedding Here!

A St. Paddy’s Day Wedding in Ballymagarvey Village! by Circus Photography

Real-wedding-ballymagarvey-circus-photography-26Image by Circus PhotographyThe couple: Niamh Reynolds & Peter O’NeillMy piece of advice for other brides/grooms… Best thing to do is to relax and enjoy it as it all goes by so quickly and if you can remember to take a few minutes throughout the day to stand back and take it all in – those mental pictures are great to have!See Real Wedding Here!

A Romantic Homecoming Wedding at the Armada Hotel by McMahon Studios

mcmahon_studios_real_Wedding_armada_hotel_ireland-37Image by McMahon StudiosThe couple: Ciara Clancy & Eoghan ClarkeMy piece of advice for other brides/grooms… don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the days in the lead up to the wedding no matter how many things you have left to do! It really will all work out just how you imagined… if not better!See Real Wedding Here!

A Surprise Serenade – Real Wedding at Leixlip Manor by Emma Russell Photography

emma-russell-photography-real-wedding-couple-adviceImage by Emma Russell PhotographyThe Couple: Nicola Delaney & Alan MorrisMy advice to other brides/grooms… Other people tend to tell you what you should be doing, where you should be doing it and who you should be inviting – just remember that the only people who really matter are the bride and groom. It’s your day and enjoy every moment of the celebration of your love. It will be one of the best days of your life. It was the best day of our lives.See Real Wedding Here!

Destination Wedding at Lake Como Italy by The Italian Wedding Event

real-wedding-italy-couples-adviceImage via The Italian Wedding EventThe couple: Simmy and MikeMy piece of advice for other brides/grooms… Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned. It’s only you (and perhaps the groom too) who know what was supposed to happen, your guests will not know if things are going according to plan or not. The only thing that matters is that you get married to the person you love and that is enough to make the day perfect! And the little disasters during the day will only make the wedding more special and memorable!See Real Wedding Here!

A Sparkling Christmas Wedding at Carton House by Andrew O’Dwyer Photographyandrew-o-dwyer-photography-real-wedding-couples-advice

Image by Andrew O’ Dwyer PhotographyThe couple: Mairead & Andy HarbronMy piece of advice for other brides/grooms… Minor things will go wrong on the day but those little things that you fussed about just don’t matter on the day – you’re marrying the man of your dreams surrounded by all the people you love most in the world – relax, enjoy and soak in one of the best days of your life!See Real Wedding Here!

A Wedding at Home – Marquee Party in Dublin by Fiona Morgan Photography

The couple: Helen Keaney and Pete Druganfiona_morgan_photography-real-wedding-couples-adviceImage by Fiona Morgan PhotographyThe couple: Helen Keaney and Pete DruganMy piece of advice for other brides/grooms… Make the day as personal as you can to both of you. I was surprised at the amount of talent among my friends and family! Between the invitations, the flowers, the priest, the band and the talented craft makers, we put our own stamp on the day. Ask around to find those hidden talents. It made the day extra special!See Real Wedding Here!

A Beautiful Budget DIY Wedding by Ebony & Pearl Photography

ebony_and_pearl_real_alternative_wedding_irelan-d-381Image by Ebony & Pearl PhotographyThe Couple: Claire & NeilMy piece of advice for other brides… Make anything you can yourself and rope in crafty friends; you’ll be surprised how much some people are willing to help. Have your wedding the way YOU and your fiancé want it, you’ll never please everyone so why not just please yourself! Try and have as much of the wedding organised as possible so there is very little to do in the days leading up to the wedding, that way you won’t get too stressed. The day goes so fast so take some time to just slow down and enjoy yourself. Speak to the people who you know will appreciate it; you’ll have plenty of time to catch up with your friends when others have gone to bed. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your wedding look like it cost a lot of money; shop around and haggle where you can; it’s a real case of if you don’t ask you don’t get. There’s no harm in being a bit cheeky the worst that will happen is they’ll say no!See Real Wedding Here!

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