Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Same Place or Two Venues?

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Over here at weddingsonline HQ, we’re pretty big fans of all-in-one venues and we know lots of couples love them too! Hosting all your wedding events in one place makes everything so much easier. Say ‘I do’ in the manicured gardens, move over to the terrace for drinks and then head to the ballroom for the reception party.

Despite all-in-one venues being so popular, there are lots of reasons that couples might want to host their wedding in two separate venues. Maybe you’ve always wanted to exchange vows in a religious ceremony in a gorgeous church. Or perhaps you love the idea of hosting a ceremony on the beach or in the woods. In this case, it makes sense to book two venues. Sure, it’ll involve more effort, but sometimes this is the only way to have exactly what you’ve always wanted!

So… do you choose one wedding venue or two? There’s a lot to consider, and pros and cons to each option, so take a look below and decide what’s best for you.

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Same place: The perks

It’s all in one place. Seems obvious, but we need to state how important this is. Having one venue, with one venue coordinator, means you don’t have to try and bring together two events and venues.

The commute. With one venue, there’s less time driving around. Everyone will drive to one venue, search for parking once, and then go home afterwards.

No awkward gap. You can have a seamless cocktail hour with no gap between the ceremony and reception, while guests are all on site.

Repurpose your decor. Because you’re using one venue, it’s a lot easier to move ceremony decor to the drinks reception and party area.


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Two venues: Helpful tips

Travel time. You want to have minimal travel time between the ceremony and reception. We’re talking 30 minutes or less and definitely no longer than an hour.

Maps. Show guests how to get to both venues, with maps and clear directions. Your website is a great place for these details!

The gaps. A gap of time between the ceremony and reception is unavoidable, but you can make it awesome! Here are some tips on what to do.

Make parking easy. Make sure that at both your venues, parking is easy. If this means organising designated parking areas with your venue coordinators ahead of time, do it.

Make a list. Have a list handy of everything that needs to be transported from the first venue to the second (flowers, makeup bag, printed stationery, etc) and give this to your planner, MOH or a trusted friend.


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Find the perfect fit for you

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