Wedding Decor – 10 Ways to use Washi Tape

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Gorgeous Guestbooks

If you really want to add some personality to your guestbook, why not provide slivers of card and an assortment of tapes and get guests to stick their message in your memory book. This will work a treat with the likes of polaroid pictures or photobooth snaps too!
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Fun Cake Topper Flags

Give a plain white cake some impact with a rake of little flags poking out of the top. Washi tape flags are super easy to make - pop a skewer in the middle of a piece of washi tape, fold in half and cut a little triangle out of the end and there you have, a quick and easy flag. Add as many as you like to your cake tiers to jazz it up and make them in varying lengths for added impact.
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Wedding Favours

Looking to make your packaging that little bit prettier? These little layers of stickiness will do just that. From sealing brown paper bags to favour boxes and jazzing up plain packaging, there are so many ways to use washi tape. This simple white soap packaging is a great example of the wonders of washi, making plain old packaging look that little more special.
Credits: Prunella Soap
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Pretty Up Pegs

If you've lots of lovely photos of you and the OH to hang washing line style, but want to add a little bit of pizazz - cover your pegs in wahsi tape to liven it up nicely.
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Table Planning Prettiness

We love this glamorous use of washi tape! You can use these little bad boys for virtually anything and we love how they've been used here to create little frames as part of a table plan. If you're having a large wedding this might take a little too long, but you could always create one large frame and print off the table plans and glue them inside it.
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Sweeten up Straws

You can add little flags to lots of things from drink stirrers to straws. It can also be used to liven up old jam jars, milk bottles and vases like so. Flower girls, page boys and any other little one's will love it!
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Creative Table Numbers

When you think of washi tape, you automatically think of fun prints and bold designs but they come in sleek and glitzy shades too, perfect for glamming up your wedding décor. Create table numbers using glitzy washi tape as a bit of a focal piece for your tables. You can always pop them in frames if you're after something a little more ornate.
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Washi Wooden Utensils

If you've opted for a rustic picnic inspired bash, or outsdoorsy affair, you might be in need of some wooden utensils! We for one adore them and love that you can give them a bit of a personal touch with some DIY. Washi tape will allow you to tie your wooden utensils in with your theme and it will up the fun factor instantly.
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Sweet Centrepieces

If you're looking to bring a blast of colour, fun and happiness to your tablescapes, without costing the earth - invest in a few rolls of washi tape and start collecting those vino bottles! Scraps of paper, strips of washi tape and twine can be used to create some really interesting centrepieces. And it's fun DIY you can get the bridal party involved in too!
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Washi Tape Napkin Rings

The craft queen herself Martha Stewart came up with this easy peasy way to pretty up your napkins and you can't deny how impressive they look. If you're looking to give your slightly bland white napkins a jolt of fun, a piece of washi tape will do the job nicely. You can streamline them with just one style of tape or create a mixed bunch with lots of different tapes.
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