Wedding Dress Shopping: What To Take And What To Avoid!

I love wedding dresses! I’ve been known to scroll through Pinterest and Instagram, swooning over wedding dresses and saving pics of my faves. It can’t just be me! It must’ve been my obsessive scrolling that got me so excited for wedding dress shopping when I was engaged. I remember the day I first went wedding dress shopping. I had no idea what to expect and, to be honest, I was a little nervous. For some reason, I envisioned standing on a platform in the middle of the store in nothing but my underwear, while bridal store consultants searched for something that would look good on me. Boy, was I wrong. That was the complete opposite of my actual experience! The day I tried on wedding dresses was a beautiful day. I was totally on my own when I changed into the dresses, and I had the expert advice of the consultant.If you’ve never been wedding dress shopping before, you may have lots of questions. I’m here to answer them for you!

Do I need to pay to try on wedding dresses?

You might pay a consultancy or booking fee at some bridal boutiques. It’s a minimal fee that can be deducted from the cost of the gown! Remember that not all shops charge a fee, but it’s becoming more common as brides make appointments and don’t use them. Think about how costly that can become for a boutique and you’ll understand.


What should I do if I suddenly can’t make it to my appointment?

We get it, life happens! The polite thing to do is to ring the store and let them know you can’t make it. They probably have a waiting list of ladies who would be delighted to take the appointment. “No shows” can be very costly to bridal stores, so do your best to give as much notice as you can.


Should I get help from a consultant?

Yes yes yes. The consultants are experts in all things wedding dresses. They’ll know which silhouettes will suit your shape and preference, so get as much input from them as you can!


What should I do if I want to get my dress made from scratch?

We get it, you’ve got a very specific style in mind and you want something designed for you. You’ve probably got lots of questions and want to try on some dresses so you know what looks good on you! We highly recommend contacting wedding dress designers and speaking with them. There are plenty of ways they can help you find a good silhouette that suits your body and style. Don’t be tempted to try on wedding dresses, just for the experience, if you’ve got no intention of buying one (it’s very costly for wedding dress boutiques to allocate 90 minutes to help you out).


Is there anything I should take with me?

Yes, here’s a list:

  • Photos of styles you like
  • Heels at the same height as your wedding heels
  • Comfortable underwear and a strapless bra


And anything I should avoid?

When you try on wedding dresses, avoid:

  • Wearing tan
  • Wearing lots of makeup (if any)
  • Bringing too many people with differing opinions


Make sure your Wedding Dress shopping experience is a very successful one. Browse and find the best Bridal Shops here and make an appointment!