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Wedding Faux Pas Couples Should Avoid

Welcome to the world of wedding planning. It’s a place where you can unintentionally offend someone. We’re here to help you avoid doing that! Today we’ve listed some wedding faux pas that you may not have even thought about. We’ve even offered some helpful suggestions of how to avoid these wedding faux pas and keep sane in the process.


Faux Pas: Forgetting to feed your suppliers

To be honest, this is possibly something that hasn’t even crossed your mind. And we don’t blame you! But here’s our input: please feed your suppliers. In particular, anybody who is expected to work throughout your wedding day and be on their feet all day, such as your photographer, DJ and wedding planner. There will be others too, so add them to the list. Anybody else, such as your makeup artist who will only be with you for a few hours in the morning, should at least be offered something to snack on and to drink while they work.

Editor’s note: Please don’t give them a cold sandwich. Feed them a hot meal, give them somewhere to sit, and allow your suppliers a few moments to rest their feet. You’ll find they’ll love you all the more for it!


Faux Pas: Having a huge gap between the ceremony and reception

If there’s one thing that can make a wedding feel long and dull for guests it’s awkward gaps of time. We recommend having no more than 90 minutes (excluding travel time) between the ceremony and reception. Fill this time with something to drink, something to nibble on and something to do (we’re thinking lawn games, live music or a photobooth).

If you absolutely must have a large gap of time (because of factors outside of your control), then give them something to do. Populate your wedding website with a list of fun activities near your venue so they aren’t left stranded and bored.


Faux Pas: Not planning for the weather

Getting married in Ireland means always having a Plan B! We absolutely adore winter weddings because they are cozy and romantic. So, if there’s even a chance of rain, hire a marquee and grab all the umbrellas you can get your hands on. For winter weddings and chilly nights, have blankets available so your guests can keep warm.


Faux Pas: Being too trendy

We love wedding trends as much as you’d expect from a group of wedding pros! However, wedding trends only work when they suit the couples who choose to use them. Always choose a wedding colour palette or theme based on things you like (more on this here!). You want to look back on your wedding photos in the years to come and not feel like your style was dated. So focus on celebrating your love, choosing things that you enjoy, and finding ways to provide a memorable experience for your guests.


Faux Pas: Having a singles table

Do people still do this? If you’re considering having a singles table, please don’t. Your single friends will thank you! Nobody wants to be lumped together with people they don’t know with the only thing they have in common being their relationship status. Instead, spread your solo friends out and seat them with people they know or people you think they’d really get along with. They’ll have a fantastic time and make new friends in the process!

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Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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