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Wedding Guest Style – Top Tips for Choosing Your Suit

It’s that time of year again, wedding season is almost upon us which means suits need to be dusted down and dresses found! For the lads, admittedly, it’s always a little bit easier when it comes to wedding attire particularly if you’ve a tried and tested suit hanging in the wardrobe at home. But if you haven’t been to a wedding in an age or need a bit of an update, a good suit will have you looking and feeling your best! Not sure where to get started? Check out some solid advice below…

How do you choose the right suit for you?

Choosing a good suit to wear as a wedding guest isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially if you’ve never done it before or haven’t attended a wedding in a very long time and haven’t a clue what’s in style these days. Fortunately, there are quite a few tried and tested hints and tips that’ll help you on your way to looking dashing and dapper for the Big Day. Read on for some great advice!

Suits via T.M. Lewin

Does the Suit Fit?

While you know you usually go for a M or L in t-shirts, when it comes to body measurements, a lot of guys won’t have a clue. Fortunately, men’s clothing sizes are pretty standardised and straightforward, meaning anyone with a length of measuring tape can figure out their suit size pretty easily.

There’s a little bit more to it than leg length and chest circumference though. Knowing your fit is important as well. Remember, suits come in different fits for different body shapes, from slim-fitting numbers to looser fits for those with a broader frame.

If you’re of a slimmer build, you’ll need to consider having a jacket made with broad lapels to broaden your shoulders and one vent for keeping a lean look. On the other end of the scale, larger guys should consider a jacket with two vents at the back in order to maximise manoeuvrability.

Know Your Style

There are so many different suit styles out there so it really depends on the style you favour and the fit. Single breasted suits are ideal if you wish to give an impression of a slimmer frame. A suit with one or two buttons tends to give out a classic sort of vibe (remember, suit buttoning is an all or nothing affair; avoid having some buttons open and others closed as it can look a bit sloppy)!

Double breasted suits are also considered very stylish these days, providing a more modern look. Keep in mind though, they may not be a good fit for every guy as they usually give an impression of a wider frame. Not everybody can pull off this look; too broad and you’ll look a bit like a golf tee, too slim and you’ll appear to be lost in the jacket – so choose wisely!

(L) via Littlewoods Ireland | (R) via T.M. Lewin

What is a Good Colour to Wear to a Wedding?

While suits come in all sorts of wild and vibrant colours these days, when it comes to events like weddings, it’s important to be a little bit more sensible. As with ladies in white (it’s not the done thing at a wedding!), as much as you’d love to rock up in your favourite bright white suit or extravagant baby blue, you don’t want to go and upstage the groom. Remember, it’s not your wedding so you shouldn’t be trying to hog the limelight.

Black is a great colour to wear for evening functions in the colder months and you can lighten the look with a pale shirt and tie combo. Charcoal grey is particularly versatile and goes well with all sorts of shirt and tie colour co-ordinations (it has a lovely expensive look about it too). Brown and navy blue are also becoming increasing popular wedding guest suit choices. Both work particularly well when paired with brown shoes. Pinstripes, while old school, can be a nice option for a wedding (but it might be good to check you aren’t the only person wearing one as you may end up standing out like a sore thumb)!

What Material Should Wedding Guest Suits be Made From? 

Cotton, polyester, linen, velvet and cashmere are some of the most popular materials among suitmakers and all look fairly slick. On a comfort level though, it’s an entirely different story! It’s best to wear fabrics you feel the most comfortable in. Cotton and wool for example, tend to be easier to ‘breathe’ in, making them feel that little bit more breezy if you’re heading to a wedding during the spring and summer months.

Suits via Littlewoods Ireland

How Much Should a Wedding Guest Spend on a Suit?

This is totally up to you! There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to how much you need to spend on a suit as a wedding guest, not with so many variables at play. It all depends on just how formal the wedding you are planning to go to is. On the somewhat fancier end of the scale, the likes of T.M. Lewin are renowned for their high-end wedding attire, while Littlewoods Ireland’s recently launched V by Very men’s suits range, a brilliant alternative for men who need a solid suit but don’t want to break the bank getting one.

As with the rest of your wardrobe, the most important thing is to go for a suit that you feel comfortable in. While it may sound like a bit of a cliché, when you look good you’ll feel great, so don’t forget that when you’re out and about shopping!

*This post is sponsored by Littlewoods Ireland and T.M. Lewin

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