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Wedding Guests: Follow These Social Media Etiquette Rules

There are lots of grey areas when it comes to social media wedding etiquette and you may have lots of questions! If you’re wondering about the do’s and dont’s of social media posting before, during or after the wedding, you’re already on the right track. We’ve made a list of the unspoken rules so you know exactly what to expect…


Don’t: Make the announcement first

This goes for the engagement and the marriage! Let the couple post before you do. This is their news to share, after all.


Do: Respect the couple’s wishes

When it comes to weddings, it’s always best to abide by the rules that the couple sets. If they ask you not to take any photos, then put your phone away. If they ask you not to post anything before they do, then listen. Lots of couples are opting to have an unplugged wedding, which involves putting your phone away and enjoying the moment.

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Don’t: Live stream the wedding

Unless the couple asks you to do so, this is a big no-no and a total violation of privacy.


Don’t: Make assumptions

When you do post something online, either before the Big Day or after, don’t make any assumptions. For example, not all couples will change their name. The bride who is keeping her last name won’t appreciate your well wishes directed at “Mr and Mrs Smith”. Keep it neutral and direct your messages of congratulations to the “happy couple” if you’re not sure.


Don’t: Give away the surprise

This piece of social media wedding etiquette applies months before the Big Day. If you’ve been privy to any insider information, keep it to yourself. Say you had the opportunity to join the bride at her dress fitting, don’t post photos of her dress. Not only will this ruin the dress reveal on the day, but it won’t present her in the best light. It’s better to wait until she’s had her hair and makeup done! Even then, don’t post your photos until at least after she’s walked down the aisle.


Do: Stay out of the photographer’s way

The couple has gone out of their way to find an incredible wedding photographer and paid lots of money for their services. The last thing they want is for people on their phones to get in the way. So, be mindful of the professional photographer and think about how your social media presence may impact the photographer’s plans. For example, the flash on your camera phone may interfere with the fabulous shots the photographer is trying to take.

And lastly, something to consider is what the crowd will look like in the background of all the professional photos if everybody is on their phone instead of in the moment.


Don’t: Post unflattering photos of the couple

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway! With dozens of camera phones and hundreds of photos being taken of the couple, there’s bound to be a handful of photos where they aren’t looking great. Be wise and don’t post anything that doesn’t make them look amazing!


Do: Use the wedding hashtag

If the couple has created a wedding hashtag, use it! This is how they plan to see all the photos their nearest and dearest have snapped and shared.


Don’t: Be the first to post

We alluded to this earlier, but we’ll say it again: never be the first to post! Some couples want the first online announcement of their wedding to be a professional photo, not a blurry and unflattering photo. Allow the couple to post a wedding photo or announcement on social media before you do. If you are unsure, follow the lead of the parents and wedding party. If they post, it’s usually ok for you to do so too.

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