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Wedding in your Wellies: How to Prepare for a Rainy Wedding Day

If you’re planning any kind of big event, there’s nothing worse than a forecast of grey skies, wind, and rain. This is especially true on your wedding day. As if there wasn’t enough to plan, now you have to take into account one of the most unpredictable and capricious wedding guests in existence – mother nature. Luckily, there are actionable steps you can take so that you’re not at the complete mercy of the elements, even if you have planned an outdoor wedding. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Make sure you have boots on standby

It’s a nightmarish sum to consider, but rain plus outdoor wedding venues invariably equals mud. The last thing you or your brides’ maids want is to have your beautiful white dresses desecrated as a result of some errant puddles as you walk down the aisle. A solution to this is to equip everyone with a reliable pair of wellies. You can source your wellies from many online stores, and the great thing about them is that other than being endlessly practical, they also look great. This way you don’t have to sacrifice on aesthetic in order to keep you dry and your garments pristine.

Buy lots of umbrellas

While you can’t stop the rain, you can shield yourself from it. If you’re aware that you might be heading into a stormy forecast, then it’s a good idea to keep a lot of umbrellas on hand, especially if your guests are going to be sitting outside. This creates another problem, however. If every guest is holding up an umbrella, then everyone behind the front row is going to be unable to see the action happening on the altar. A good workaround is to invest in clear umbrellas, that way even those in the back row will have still be able to see.

Coordinate with your photographer

As soon as you see the forecast the first person – other than your partner, of course – that you talk to should be your photographer. It’s imperative that you develop a plan should the heavens decide to open up as many of the locations formally designated as photography spots might not be useable in the deluge. Figure out if there are any covered spots or even beautiful indoor scenes that would work well as a backdrop. In any case, if you’re dealing with an experienced photographer, he or she should have a contingency plan for just these types of situations.

Try to be flexible

Weather is one of the most unpredictable phenomena on the planet. While forecasts do provide some level of accuracy, there’s always the chance of being blindsided by a sudden, unexpected storm. For this reason, it’s crucial, especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, to always be flexible. If you had planned on seating your guests outside, make sure that you have a hall that you can switch to on short notice. If you planned to tie the knot on an outdoor altar under the open sky, then just keep some sort of covering to the side just in case. You can also be flexible with time. If the weather just isn’t playing ball, fill up the champagne glasses and push the proceedings back for an hour or two until the weather has calmed down a bit.

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