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Wedding Music – Adding Live Entertainment Across Your Special Day

Among all the wedding planning essentials you are tying together, many excited couples will be narrowing down which wedding music they intend to include, as the playlist to the grand occasion. From classical favourites, violin solos and bridal entrances, right through to the obligatory setlist compiled for your DJ to rock the dancefloor to. This is your party, and each bride and groom have full permission to truly own this moment. Wedding Music is the anthem to your dream wedding. Here are a few factors to consider when it comes to planning musical entertainment for your wedding day.


Pre-Ceremony – Soft wedding music to welcome and relax your guests

The 30 minute (or so) period before the ceremony is a grand gathering of family and friends, as they awkwardly decide on where to sit and use up the time in eager excitement for your bridal entrance. A combination of classical or instrumental folk music is an appropriate genre to set the tone for the day. In my experience as a wedding violinist, I find that light Celtic music helps to bridge the silence and pleases guests of all ages. It sets the perfect mood before the official proceedings of the day get underway. If you waltz to a different beat, look at options such as a classical/flamenco guitarist or a trio to set the mood and allow your wedding guests to be entertained right up until your (probable) delayed entrance.


Wedding Ceremony Music –  Choose melodies and responses from the heart

The bride’s entrance is a significantly emotional moment of the day. What future bride hasn’t dreamt of this since she was a young girl? Gentlemen, give your bride-to-be full artistic licence here! Complement your walk with a personal favourite or an instrumental that is close to your heart. Alternatively, consider choosing an entrance song that has a special place to your journey as a couple. For the wedding ceremony, consult with your celebrant and wedding entertainers about adding hymns and/or musical pieces to break up the formalities. Find an experienced wedding musician you can count on to put the time in, to arrange your wedding music of choice – just the way you’d like it to be.

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Pre-Reception Music – Make way for small band and acoustic vibes in the afternoon sun

After you and yours say your “I do’s”, the official part of the wedding is over (phew!) and it’s time to relax and have some fun. Do bear in mind, there’s the not so small matter of stunning wedding photographs to be captured. While you’re polishing your poses, your guests will be avidly catching up over G&T’s, craft beers and bubbly. Performing during pre-reception cocktails is the bread and butter of my wedding music duties. I’ve found that a combination of recent and classic songs blends perfectly into the evening as the sing-song brews and everybody is comfortably at home in your short-term absence.

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Book a Band – Finding your ideal group to get the party going

Considering your parent’s speeches might have just taken up the bones of your life so far as a newly married couple, the band can’t come soon enough! You’ll already have ditched the heels for flats and scrambling to hit the dancefloor and party the night away. Booking a wedding band is a big deal, and likely be the most expensive wedding music cost. Do your homework on your selection of wedding band but also have some fun in the process. Take your partner out to check out a few preferred bands performing before narrowing down your choice. Consider not only what music YOU love, but who will go down a storm amongst the whole wedding party. A top wedding band is one that, not only creates both unforgettable memories but also leaves your guests reminiscing about your awesome wedding for years to come.  

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Raise the roof off with a top wedding DJ

After a rip roaring set by your killer wedding band, the responsibility rests on the DJ to up the tempo of the night to bring your perfect wedding to climax. A great wedding DJ is not cheap, but more than just fading tracks in and out, or queueing up your playlists, they take on great responsibility to ensure a smooth running to proceedings and take the stress away from you. Consider DJ’s who listen to you first and can adapt to your requests. A top wedding DJ is one that is able to work in harmony with your wedding venue, and weaves their magic to ensure that every one of your guests has the time of their lives.

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About the Author

David Delaney is a wedding musician and singer that has been performing and entertaining since his early teens. Originally from Waterford city, he now shares his time between Ireland and South Africa, chasing the sun and every good musical opportunity in between.  Primarily a traditional fiddle and flute player, he also enjoys performing light classical, jazz and Latin American grooves to add flair and variety to any musical occasion.

Find out more about David and his musical journey by visiting his website.

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