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Wedding Party Alternatives For The Offbeat Couple

We have loved seeing unconventional couples make their own wedding day rules. There are a number of traditions they’ve ditched and a big change that’s on the rise is wedding party alternatives. The days are long gone where you “have” to have bridesmaids, groomsmen, a maid of honour and a best man. Offbeat couples are doing things their way and becoming creative with who they include in their dream team. These wedding party alternatives will help you surround yourselves with the ones you love and who you actually want to be included.

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Mixed genders

The mixed gender wedding party is becoming more and more common in modern day weddings. When it comes to choosing who gets to stand by you on your Big Day, there is no one-size-fits-all method. So rally your groomsmaids and bridesmen!


Keep it simple

Huge wedding parties are loads of fun, they are often filled with drama and can be quite a hassle. These days we’re seeing lots of couples opt for just a maid of honour or best man, keeping it simple. Take away some of the stress that comes with a bigger group!


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No wedding party

We’ve seen lots of couple say goodbye to the idea of a wedding party altogether. Rather than picking between your friends, don’t pick any of them! You can still enlist the help of your besties in different areas by giving them tasks and responsibilities, but there’s no need to label them.


Ask your children

Parents love including their mini-mes in their Big Day and we are here for it! Imagine how adorable it would be to have them included in all your special wedding day moments.


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There’s no need to go out of your way to have an even wedding party. By this, we mean that having more members on your side than your Other Half has on theirs is totally ok. Bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down the aisle together in pairs is something our parents did, but you don’t have to!


Invite your family

If you’re searching for a special role for your parents, grandparents or another close family member, why not invite them to join your wedding party! Have them stand with you as you tie the knot and consider how relaxed you’d feel having someone you trust with you all day.


Your pets

With the rules well and truly out the window, why not be super extra and include your furry friends in your wedding party. Celebrate alongside your pets instead of having to deal with real life humans on your Big Day.


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