Wedding Planning Advice From 10 Couples Who Have Been There, Done That

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If you are planning your wedding and looking for brilliant wedding planning advice, then you are in the right place! Here at weddingsonline, we love to share expert tips and tricks from the pros (you can find more on our blog and podcast).

Every week, we share a fabulous real wedding feature, telling the story of a real life couple who have tied the knot. In addition to sharing more about their theme, happy memories and how they met and got engaged, we love to ask each couple to share their wedding planning advice. Why do we do this? Well, newlyweds have been there, done that. They’ve spent months or years planning their Big Day and they’ve got brilliant tips for other couples who are in the same boat!

Take a look at this really practical wedding planning advice and be inspired…


Do it your way

“Do it your way! Don’t get swept up in the madness of wedding planning and feeling you need to have everything you see online – think about what you both like as a couple, what you have seen at other weddings that you liked and go from there. One example for us, was that we decided not to record the wedding ceremony or have any photos of it in the church as we wanted to be fully present and in the moment together. We had photos and recordings up until we arrived and then as we left but not during the mass and we have no regrets about our decision!” – Hannah and Gearóid

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Don’t sweat the small stuff

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. There will always be something that goes wrong but no one else will even notice. Relax and enjoy the day and don’t rush on the day!” – Sarah Jane and Paul

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Focus on each other

“Don’t stress about the details. Everything will happen as it happens, just focus on each other and you’ll enjoy it, regardless.” – Vanessa and Peter

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Your wedding day isn’t all about you

“The best advice that we got that we would also give to other couples was that your wedding day is not all about you, think about your guests – if they are having a good time so will you!” – Jennifer and Eoin

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Don’t lose sight of what your wedding day is about

“Everybody tells you to savour every moment as it all goes by so very quickly, and they’re right it does. So our advice is, try to relax on your wedding day and have some fun. Don’t take it all so seriously as at the end of the day, it’s about celebrating your love for one another with people who know and love you both. Don’t lose sight of what your wedding day is about. Try to take a moment together on the day where you can just take a look around at all the people who came to help you celebrate your special day and remember that moment.” – Celine and Donal

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Share the work

“Share the work! It’s a lot of stress and organisation but honestly it will all work out and you won’t be thinking of any of that on the day. You’ll be having too much fun!” – Shauna and Ronan

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Choose the right suppliers

“The day goes fast! So book good vendors who will know what to do, it removes all stress for you!” – Danielle and Kevin

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Take time to soak it all in

“Book everything well in advance, you will be surprised how fast vendors and services book up! Most of all, take in all those special moments and make sure you make time for your new husband/wife on the day to soak it all in.” – Emily and David

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Get the big things booked early

“Get the big things booked and the small things will fall into place. There were, of course, some things that did not go exactly to plan.. but only we noticed them and at the end of the night everyone was happy and had a great time.” – Danielle and Chris

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Look around

“Take time out together even if it’s 5 minutes or 40 minutes and talk about how amazing it is to be there. Look around, everyone is there for you to wish you well. You don’t marry the person you can live with, you marry the person you can’t live without.” – Fiona and Joe

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