Wedding Planning Stress and How To Beat It

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It’s no surprise that weddings can be overwhelming. There are so many tasks to do and lots of decisions to make. It’s no wonder couples start feeling stressed. Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way! With the right tools, an incredible wedding supplier dream team, and advice from the pros, you’ll be stress-free in no time. Take a look at these 10 ways to beat wedding planning stress!

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Get your priorities straight

Think about what matters most to you! Try not to get so wrapped up in the smaller details that you lose sight of the big picture. Before you even begin putting together your supplier dream team, consider what your must-haves are. Do you picture a dance floor filled with your friends and family? Then choose a venue and entertainer accordingly. Are you after a sunny beach wedding? Then select a summer date and beach location.

Keep your list of must-haves nearby so that when you’re making wedding planning decisions, you know what to prioritise.


Create a budget

One of the main causes of wedding planning stress is money. The anxiety comes from just how much you’re spending, so we recommend having a firm handle on where your money should go. Keep going back to your priorities list so you know where you don’t want to compromise.

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Make use of a checklist

Have you ever heard the saying: How do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time.

Well, wedding planning stress can easily be relieved by working through wedding planning tasks one at a time. This is where a handy checklist comes in! Having a list of what you should focus on for each month will help you to prioritise and not spend time fretting over smaller tasks that could be done later.

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Consider working with a wedding planner

If you’ve got space in your wedding budget, seriously consider enlisting the help of a wedding planner. They can help you stick to your budget, bring your wedding dreams to life, stay organised, offer advice, contact your other suppliers, and ultimately, relieve wedding planning stress.


Start delegating

There is no shame in asking for help! In fact, your friends and family want to be there to support you and take on some of the practical tasks too. They want to make your day extra special and stress-free, so don’t be afraid to delegate.


Stop comparing

Comparison is the thief of joy! Scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest can be a fab way of getting inspired, but it can also make you feel like your wedding plans just aren’t good enough. Remember this: Your wedding is a celebration of love. It’s not a contest!


Remember the bigger picture

Whenever we ask newlyweds for their advice, so many of them say this: Don’t sweat the small stuff! And they’re right. You probably will have some wedding hiccups and that’s ok. When your wedding day has come and gone, you won’t be thinking about the fact that your napkins didn’t match the bridesmaids dresses perfectly. These details are not worth the wedding planning stress!


Plan some time away from planning

There’s one way to bring on wedding planning stress and that’s to think about it and talk about it constantly. Instead, why not build time into your week where you do something other than wedding planning? What might help is if you select a wedding planning day each week. Then on the other days, unless absolutely necessary, life goes on as usual.


Don’t forget self care

No matter what season you’re in, looking after yourself should always be a priority. We’re talking about looking after your physical and mental health! Treat yourself to dessert, release endorphins with regular exercise, hangout with friends and keep your health a priority.


Zoom out

Keep the big picture in mind and remember that the ultimate end goal is not to host an amazing event. That’s secondary! The purpose of your wedding day is to get married and celebrate your love with your nearest and dearest. It doesn’t have to be perfect!