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Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do From Your Couch

We’ve just come out of a global pandemic and life feels like it’s back to normal again. In fact, after two years of feeling like we’ve had more time, we’re back to commuting to work, attending birthday parties and life can feel a little full. Wondering when the heck you’re going to have time to plan your wedding amidst all the other stuff going on?

There are plenty of tasks you can do right from your couch. From scrolling through your phone while watching Netflix to making some pretty important decisions about your Big Day, don’t underestimate what you’re able to get done while you’ve got your feet up!



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Look for inspiration

We always advise brides to identify their wedding style. This will help you make lots of wedding planning choices which perfectly fit your style. Spending time on Instagram, Pinterest or browsing real wedding stories has got to be one of the best wedding planning tasks! If you’re anything like me, you’ve become a master of scrolling while watching your favourite TV show.


Look through supplier reviews

Selecting the perfect wedding suppliers is an important task. The best way to get started is by looking through the weddingsonline Supplier Listing. You’ll find suppliers listed by category and you can check out each supplier’s profile. This is their online shop window, so you’ll find beautiful photos of their work, blog posts they’ve been featured in and reviews. This is where couples like you leave honest reviews about each supplier!


Get expert wedding planning tips

We’ve recently launched our Wedding Wednesdays podcast. It’s packed full of wedding planning advice, tips and secrets from the pros. While you’ve got your feet up, have our podcast in your ears and you’ll be absorbing everything you need to know without even trying.


Join an online community

The best way to find wedding planning support and to share your journey with others is to join an online community. We’ve created a Facebook group called HIGM ( – Help! I’m getting married) for this very purpose. Couples love to ask for recommendations, ask their burning wedding planning questions and share their experience with others!


Create or update your wedding website

Having a wedding website means you can keep your guests up to date with the latest information about your wedding. You could have details about where guests can watch your wedding ceremony online if you plan on streaming it. There are so many great reasons to have a wedding website, best of all is that you can create one from your couch!

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Assemble wedding invitations

We always recommend getting gorgeous wedding invitations designed by a pro. But stuffing envelopes while you watch Netflix sounds like a wedding planning task I’d sign up for! You could even invite one or two friends to come along and help you.


Wedding favours

If you’re opting for wedding favours, you’ll probably need to package them, which is something you can do from your couch. Whether it’s tying ribbons or attaching labels to jars, it’s a relatively mindless task that doesn’t require lots of concentration.


DIY projects

Whether you are putting together a bathroom basket to wow your guests, spraypainting table numbers or creating pretty personal touches, most of your DIY tasks can be done from your couch!

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Write Thank You notes

Sure, your first few Thank You notes will take a little more effort, but soon you’ll be in the swing of things and you can smash them out quickly!

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Kelly Jane Hartmann

Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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