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Wedding Themes Inspired by Real Weddings

Wedding themes… this is where you can show your guests what your wedding style is! For some of us, deciding on a wedding theme is pretty easy. For others, there just doesn’t seem to be anything that fits. Today I thought I’d show you what some real life couples decided to do for their very own wedding themes. Some of these are colours which they used in their flowers and special touches, and others are themes which inspired the overall feel of the day.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate your theme into your wedding day, whether you’ve picked a lovely colour combo or an all-out theme:

  • Your bridesmaids dresses: a lovely and simple way to introduce the colour of your wedding.
  • The stationery: this is usually the first taste of your theme that you’ll give to your guests.
  • Flowers: if you’re having flowers, the colour and theme can show up here.
  • Table decor: your centrepieces are a wonderful way to tie it all together.

There are some pretty lovely wedding themes to choose. The idea here is that you select something that is appropriate to the season (so a winter themed wedding in June is probably not a great idea), fits with the venue and suits your personalities!

A music theme

Our wedding theme/colours were based around our love of music and our chosen colours were blush pink and burgundy. Our theme featured on our invitations, road signs, welcome signs, mass booklets, table plan and menus. I love rich colours so burgundy was a runner from day one but because it was a summer wedding we added in some blush to make it brighter. We then had a stave of music running through the flowers with our initials K & T in a heart. – Read more


A rustic vintage theme

Our wedding theme/colours… We had a rustic/vintage theme. I knew what sort of a theme I liked but had no idea how to bring this to life! I contacted Yvonne from Whimsical Weddings and she knew exactly what I was looking for! She made our rustic/vintage theme come to life. They are just amazing at Whimsical Weddings and knew exactly what I wanted! I couldn’t get over the décor when I arrived! They also provided a donut wall which was a HUGE hit with the guests!!!! – Read more


A Christmas theme

Our wedding theme/colours…  Black tie bridal party. Champagne bridesmaids dresses with shrugs. We both wanted to incorporate a little bit of Christmas so we had white roses, red berries with greenery through with acorns sprayed gold. I loved them. Celia is Sharkeys Florist done them and they were amazing. Highly recommend!! – Read more


Dusty pink and burgundy

Our wedding theme/colours… blush/dusty pink and Burgundy. With hints of gold. And then accidentally rose gold. I really wanted burgundy but I didn’t want it to seem too Wintery. I got my bridesmaid’s “gold” shoes on Asos and when they came I realised they were rose gold. Honestly, at that stage all the shoe searching had taken far too long that I just caved in and got them rose gold necklaces to match and went with the flow. – Read more


A superhero theme

Our wedding theme/colours… Our wedding theme was based around us as a couple. Different elements of who we are, individually and as a couple. We both loved rustic styling.

Things we DIY’d/made ourselves… We made the table plan ourselves. We found an old frame and used rope and attached our Wrestling/Superhero Plans to them. – Read more


Champagne, dusty pink and greenery

Our wedding theme/colours… We went for a rustic theme with champagne and dusty pink with a lot of greenery. – Read more


A white wedding

Our wedding theme/colours… white décor as we had three different colour bridesmaid dresses. We also had three giant ‘Love Letter’ type decorations also provided by our fab photographers. – Read more


Rose gold, white and floral

Our wedding theme/colours…

We wanted to keep everything really fresh. The Flowers/Greenery were a massive part of what I wanted to be the focus for the theme. I love the simple classic look so that was the aim with all of the Greenery and White florals. Eucalyptus is the epitome of freshness I think, especially the scent – and its native to Australia (We have been living in Perth for the past 5 years) so it was easy to choose that as the basis for the theme.

My Mam and my Aunties all have amazing gardens. Mam did all the flowers for the Ceremony– with flowers from our own gardens at home and the fields/hills around us. Everyone was on board to help, even the kids – which made it even more special.

Everything else just flowed into that fresh theme. The rose gold tied in because I like its classic look but also because of my engagement ring I suppose. There is so much inspiration out there on Pinterest and Instagram etc that it’s so easy to get sucked into it all.

We just went with what we like and how we wanted the day to feel overall. – Read more


Floral and green

Our wedding theme/colours… We didn’t really set out with a theme in mind and to be honest I questioned most of the choices whether it fitted into any theme and how it would all come together on the day. What was most important for us that the day reflected us rather than any strong theme. When it came to colours, I was drawn to colours like soft blush white’s florals and greens, quite natural/ rustic yet classic. – Read more


Gatsby glamour

Our wedding theme/colours… The theme was Traditional (Obviously Church Wedding) with a hint of Gatsby Glamour. I like the 20s era and wanted to incorporate some of this into the wedding. The colours were not really picked in advance. However the Groom and Groomsmen wanted navy or dark blue suits and the Groom had to have a pocket watch. The Bridesmaids dresses were a mauve and white floor length gown with some diamante to make them sparkle and fit in with the theme. Everything else was to be traditional white with some sparkles and the flowers were to make a big statement on this simple elegant background. – Read more


Pastel and white

Our Wedding Theme/ Colours…We didn’t exactly have a theme as such but wanted our colours to be subtle. David and I mainly used pastel creams and white colours. We had all white décor in our venue; table covers, chair covers and sashes. We also had white drapery around the entire room and entrance of the ballroom. I loved the elegance that white gives to a room. – Read more


Pink and purple

Our wedding theme/colours… We had a purple and pink theme throughout our wedding. As it was a summer wedding, we wanted to incorporate bright colours. My bouquet was primarily made of purple and pink. The bridesmaids’ dresses were lilac and my mum bought a bicycle which she painted pink and decorated with bright-coloured flowers, which was placed outside the church. Our wedding invitations and Mass booklets incorporated pink, purple, blue and yellow. Also, part of our wedding cake was decorated purple and our candy cart was pink. – Read more


Candles, lanterns and lace

Our wedding theme/colours… As we had our reception at Balyna House, we wanted to keep with the vintage style of the house. We kept things simple and romantic. Lots of candles, lanterns and lace.

My Mam organised the decor. She made our seating plan from an old suitcase and decorated it with old items such as vintage gloves and chocolate boxes which she ordered online. We placed small lanterns on the staircase and around the house. We used battery candles indoors for safety and then we didn’t have to worry about them burning out. As we got married in October, we had pumpkins and autumn plant pots placed around the grounds of the house also. – Read more


Bright colours

Our wedding theme was bright colours as we knew it was going to be the most magical and happiest days of our lives. So we wanted everything bright and a happy feel to it. – Read more


Black, white and silver

Our wedding theme/colours… black, white and silver. I had always wanted a boho wedding, but felt it had been overdone, so I wanted something different. I decided I wanted a Gatsby inspired wedding. It is one of my favorite movies.

Phil was oblivious telling everybody our theme was Moulin Rouge, which is slightly different! My dress really determined this and the rest followed. I know Gatsby is mostly black and gold, but I fell in love with silver and grey for my bridesmaids so that settled that. – Read more


Bright pink

Our wedding theme/colours… Rustic elegance with pops of bright pinks and blues. – Read more


Rat Pack theme

Our wedding theme/colours… We went for a “Rat Pack”, Sinatra era theme. – Read more


Autumn theme

The venue was decorated… it was so beautiful it was decorated in an autumn theme with fire pits in the courtyard to autumn leaves on the backdrop and fairy lights through the banquet room. – Read more


Pastel colours

Our wedding theme/colours…  I just love colours! The more the better, especially yellow! We decided on pastels as it was an early spring wedding. The bridesmaids and the flowers were to be pink, mint, lilac, peach and blue and all other elements were yellow. – Read more


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