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Wedding Wednesdays: How To Make Things Easy On Your Bridesmaids [Episode Seven]

Your wedding is your day, but of course, you want your besties to have an amazing time too! There are a few really simple things you can do to take care of your bridesmaids and show appreciation for them. Want to make things easy on your bridesmaids? Then take a listen to this week’s episode of Wedding Wednesdays!


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Episode breakdown

Introduce them

Your wedding party will usually be made up of friends from different areas of your life. You’ll have your work friends, uni friends, school friends and church friends who might not know each other. Make things easy for them by introducing them! You could get them together for an in-person meet-up or do it online. Everyone will feel much more comfortable planning things behind the scenes if they’ve been introduced.


Communicate well

An informed bridesmaid is a happy bridesmaid!

These are the things they’ll need to know about ahead of time:

  • Dates for any pre-wedding events you’d like them to attend, such as an engagement party, rehearsal, etc.
  • What you want them to wear.
  • How they’ll get their outfits (will you pay or will they?)
  • Any time and money commitments – be as clear and upfront as you can.

Lay out your expectations clearly and early on to help your bridesmaids plan accordingly.


Consider everyone’s budget

Being a bridesmaid can be expensive! There’s the cost of the dress, accessories, gifts, hen party and more. Do as much as you can to cut costs and only plan things that everyone can afford.


Respect their time

Your wedding may consume all or most of your time, but your girls have other stuff going on. Don’t expect them to be available at all times. And when you communicate, keep your comms short and sweet, because nobody likes a never-ending group text.


Keep their sizes in mind

Your girls will have different sizes, heights and things that flatter them. Choose dresses that suit everyone!

Want to know how? Patricia from Presley Blue Boutique shared some fantastic ideas:

Keep them comfortable and pick a dress that’s stylish, in a nice colour and age-appropriate. Something that they can have dinner and drinks in and not show if they’re bloated. How about a multiway dress that suits everybody because it can be worn in 27 different ways?

Check out the Maya Deluxe Range, Eliza & Ethan Multiway Dress, and the Presley Blue Classic Multiway Dress.


Let them be unique

Your girls are each beautiful in their own way. Why would you have them wear the same lipstick or have their hair styled in the same way? Be flexible and let them choose their own hair, makeup and shoes so they can embrace what makes them look and feel amazing.


Share the responsibilities

If you need help with anything wedding-related, ask your wedding party! They’d be delighted to help, just make sure you’re sharing the responsibilities and not making anybody feel too overwhelmed.


Keep them fed

On the day, have food and drinks in the morning while you’re all getting ready. Then during the day, have water bottles, energy bars and fruit to keep everybody’s energy up.


Be chilled

Do your best to remain cool, calm and collected. Treat your bridesmaids like adults, be reasonable and show respect. Avoid drama, have fun, and your girls will be so thankful.


Thank them

Speaking of being thankful, make the most of the opportunity to show your gratitude to your girls. Give them a gift to thank them for their role in your life and for their support throughout your engagement.

Carol from Hanalee Studios shared some fabulous ideas for gifts you can give to your girls:


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