Wedding Wednesdays: How To Plan The Best Wedding Reception Entertainment Ever [Episode Twenty One]


Knowing which entertainment you want is one thing, but knowing how to plan and coordinate it so you and your guests get the most out of it… well, that’s a totally different thing, and that’s what we’re talking about today!

HUGE thank you to Magician and Mentalist, Jamie Skelton, and Alan from Long Time Coming Wedding Band for sharing their expertise.


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Episode breakdown

How to wow your guests

Here’s how to give your guests the “WOW” experience: provide entertainment that will enthral them!

“Having a close-up magician and mentalist”, as Jamie Skelton says, “unlocks that sense of childlike wonder!”

It’s a great ice-breaker and a “filler” for those moments in the wedding where there isn’t much going on, like during the reception slot or after dinner, when dessert is being served.


Consider how you want people to feel

Do you want the atmosphere to be electric? Do you want guests to feel enthralled? List how you want guests to feel and create the environment that fits.

Consider the moments in the wedding where there’s a lull and fill that space with an entertaining moment.


The best songs to play after the first dance

First get your guests standing around the dance floor, so that right after your first dance, they’re right there. They’ll be ready to hop on the dance floor as soon as the first dance is over.

Alan from Long Time Wedding Band suggests two songs that will get your guests on the dance floor during this moment:

Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon

Dance With Me Tonight – Olly Murs


Creating a fun dance party atmosphere

Incorporate some fun “rules” into the festivities.

Things like:

Dance-offs are encouraged

We want to see your crazy moves!


They’re not really rules, but they give your guests permission to go crazy and have a fun time.


Think about the layout

Do you want to have lots of entertainment options? Then having different rooms and spaces across the venue, with a different option in each, is a great thing to do. A photo booth, guest book, bbq, dancing, etc.

If you want your guests to dance together and for this to be a priority, then have the dance floor in full view of everybody. Make it easy for guests to hear the songs and see people having fun together. That way, they’ll want to hop on the dance floor throughout the night!


How to have the best party

Consider getting props! Inflatable guitars and glow sticks work really well.

Keep them comfortable. Get comfy shoes they can change into, like affordable flip flops.


Creating an interactive experience

Alan from Long Time Coming says that they will create interactive moments, like going out onto the dance floor, grabbing the couple and then creating a train where they grab people from all over the venue. What a fun way to get everybody onto the dance floor!