Wedding Wednesdays: If I Got Engaged, I’d Do This First! [Episode 109]


If I got engaged, there are 7 things I’d do before I even start booking suppliers! Want to know what those things are? And want to know which suppliers I’d book first? This week, I’m dishing the dirt!

In addition to this podcast episode, I’m doing a series on social media, where I’m planning a fictitious wedding… but with a real budget, real suppliers (based on their actual prices and availability). I’m using a fictitious wedding to walk you through the actual steps you should take when planning your own wedding. Follow along on Instagram and TikTok – leave comments with your questions and I’ll address them in future videos!



First, I’d get organised:

  1. Create a wedding email account and keep all wedding related things in that account
  2. Sign up for WOL, download the app and get my head around the systems
  3. Join the FB group
  4. Get my hands on a checklist
  5. Set my rhythm (one day a week)


Discuss the type of wedding:

  1. How do we want the wedding to feel?
  2. Do we want a big celebration or an intimate gathering?
  3. What do we picture?


Set a date:

  1. What time of year do we want to get married?
  2. Are there any significant dates we want to honour or avoid?
  3. Any major sporting events we want to avoid clashing with?
  4. Are we set on a weekend wedding or happy with a midweek date?


Talk about priorities:

  1. Each make a list of our top three must-haves
  2. Agree on a ‘spend all’ section for each of us (might be food, flowers, entertainment, decor etc)


Choose a wedding party:

  1. Best to do this after having a date 
  2. Find a creative way to ask each person to be in the wedding party 


Create a budget:

  1. I’d look at the industry averages to get an idea (knowing that my priorities will affect my actual budget)
  2. Work out who’s paying for what


Create a rough guest list:

  1. They won’t get save the dates yet
  2. Just want to know roughly how many people we’d like at the wedding
  3. Do we want children there are not? 

With this information in mind, we can then start looking at booking our suppliers!!!


Then I’d book suppliers:

Venue (ceremony and reception)

Photographer, videographer, content creator