Bridal Survey 2013 Results

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1 – Are you Male or Female?


2 – How old will you be / were you when you get / got married?

Age of brides

3 – How old will your bride or groom be when you get / got married?

Age of groom

4 – Do you have children?

Couples who have children before getting married

With 92% of the users currently planning their wedding, we concluded that 26% of couples planning their wedding already had children.

5 – In which month did you get engaged?

Most popular month to get engaged

6 – In which month did you / will you get married?

Most popular month to get married

7 – Which day of the week do you intend to / did you get married on?

Most popular day to get married

8 – How many people attended / will attend your wedding?

Number of wedding guests

9 – What is / was the total budget for your wedding?

Cost of weddings

10 – What did you pay /do you plan to pay for the reception meal, per guest?

Reception meal price per wedding guest

11 – What type of ceremony will you be having / did you have?

Civil ceremony vs Church ceremony

12 – Did you/ will you go on honeymoon abroad?

Do Irish couples honeymoon abroad?

13- Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?

Where do Irish couples go on their honeymoon?

14 – Have you used to help plan your wedding?

How many couples use to plan their wedding?

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