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What To Do If You Wake Up Sick On Your Wedding Day

There’s a lot you can control on your wedding day, but some things are completely out of your control… like waking up sick on your wedding day. If you wake up not feeling your best, it doesn’t mean you need to cancel or rearrange your wedding day timeline. There are a few practical things you can do to ensure you last long enough to say “I do”.

Before we go on, the advice below should be taken in consultation with your doctor. If you are facing a life-threatening allergy or illness, please put your safety first and go to A&E. Listen to your body and put your health first.


Flu or fever

The best way to handle the flu or a fever is to prevent them from happening! We recommend incorporating good pre-wedding self care into your routine. You can’t get rid of flu with antibiotics, and most over the counter meds will only delay the effects of flu by a few hours.

To keep your fever down, alternate between paracetamol and ibuprofen and eat comforting and nutritious food, like chicken soup, or the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast).


A cold

You may not be able to make the sniffles go away completely, but you can treat your symptoms and still have a beautiful wedding day. Get Sudafed and a nasal spray to handle congestion and don’t forget to drink lots of water! Where possible, eat lots of fruit.

If you’ve got a sore throat or a cough, do your best to rest your voice before you exchange vows. Gargle with saltwater or drink ginger tea with honey to soothe your throat.


A hangover

Sick on your wedding day because you had too much fun the night before? Grab paracetamol or ibuprofen to get rid of headaches. Then drink lots of water and juice to rehydrate. If you have a sensitive stomach, try drinking pure celery juice! It’ll soothe your stomach and rebalance acids.


A sprained ankle

A sprained ankle happens to the best of us and is sometimes unavoidable! There’s no quick fix, so take time to rest and keep your foot elevated. Apply ice and grab anti-inflammatory meds, like ibuprofen.

Buy an elastic bandage from the local pharmacy (you can easily slip it off for photos) and ditch the heels!


An upset stomach

If you’ve got an upset stomach, you won’t have to spend the entire day in the bathroom. There’s something you can do! Loperamide is an over the counter med that will ease diarrhoea and nausea. Sip on ginger or peppermint tea and if you can, get your hands on fennel and peppermint oils (rub them on your head and neck).



Suffering from stress-induced hives? Take a non-sedating antihistamine like Loratadine or Cetirizine, try not to scratch or get too warm. Avoid highly acidic food and alcohol (especially red wine) and tight clothing (if you can).

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Kelly Jane Hartmann

Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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