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What To Say At Your Sequel Wedding Ceremony

If you had a small wedding during Covid but you’re planning a bigger party, you need this! That’s exactly what a sequel wedding ceremony is all about.

During Covid, we discovered lots of couples were having a two-part wedding (read more about this here). This meant they could officially tie the knot in a small, intimate ceremony and save the big party for later. Well, later is now! With no more Covid restrictions standing in the way, couples are saying yes to a big party. But the question is… what the heck do you say at your sequel wedding ceremony?

If you had a tiny ceremony, a virtual wedding or you got married legally but never got to celebrate with friends and family, keep on reading. Today we’re sharing a sequel wedding ceremony script you are free to personalise or steal as it is! This will give you the right language to use when welcoming your guests, and being pronounced as married (again).

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The welcome

Your celebrant or solemnised could say something like this:

“Friends and family, welcome! Today we are gathered to celebrate this very special occasion with [Partner 1] and [Partner 2]. Today we honour their love and marriage publicly.”

“[Partner 1] and [Partner 2] were joined in marriage in a beautiful private ceremony a year ago. While most of us weren’t able to be with them on the day, we rejoiced at the news! Now we’re here to bear witness to what the relationship has become. Today, they will affirm this bond formally and publicly.”

“[Partner 1] and [Partner 2], today you are not only recommitting to the right person, but you are also recommitting to being the right partner.”


Redeclaration of intent

Celebrant: “Do you [Partner 1] still take [Partner 2] to be your lawfully wedding partner, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in good times and in not-so-good times, for richer or poorer, committing yourself unto them for as long as you both shall live?”

Partner 1: “I still do.”

(Repeat for Partner 2)


Flash those rings

Celebrant: “This is the part of the ceremony when we’d usually do a ring exchange, but [Partner 1] and [Partner 2] beat us to it…”

Both partners hold up their hands to show the guests their wedding rings.



Celebrant: “And now for the fun part! [Partner 1] and [Partner 2], on behalf of all those present here today, and by the strength of your own love, I pronounce you (very much, still) married. You may once again seal your vows with a kiss.”

Both partners kiss!

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