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Why Wedding Photos Are So Important

If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth making some space in your budget for a wedding photographer, let us tell you why your wedding photos are so important, and why you should only hire a professional.

Most of us have seen a headline like: “cringe-worthy engagement photos”, or “worst wedding pictures ever”. Boy, you get to see some really questionable and hilarious things under those links. Want the honest-to-goodness truth about how photos like this happen? They’re taken by total amateurs. The kind of photographers who think a good camera makes a professional (it doesn’t), and those who have all kinds of ideas, some original and some borrowed from other weddings, but executed so terribly, they could easily be the bride’s ‘something blue’.


Image from Valerie & Evan’s real wedding planned by Extraordinary Weddings Italy

A professional photographer usually has an arsenal of equipment at their disposal, like different lenses and back-up cameras, allowing for gorgeous, sharp images in any light and at any time of day. This kind of knowledge only comes from experience, shooting lots of weddings and overcoming obstacles like lack of space or natural light. Don’t hire an amateur to take your wedding photos, no matter how much you like the person. If you really can’t avoid it, ask them to be the second photographer, but remember to tell the professional photographer there will be a friend taking photos as well.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer


Image from Sean & Claire’s real wedding by Couple Photography

Why is this so important, you may ask? Because your wedding photos are the icing on the cake. The cat’s pyjamas. They’re the thing that ranks the highest right after the honeymoon in the post-wedding anticipation stakes. They are a pleasure, a treasure, and they never ever get boring. Your wedding photos are as important as your memories from the day itself. They help you preserve the small details and notice things you’ve missed – we’ve had plenty of brides tell us they were delighted to see things they didn’t notice or couldn’t see on the day. Like their other half getting ready… those truly personal and touching hours and minutes of pure happiness, anticipation and nerves, yes! All so heartfelt and deserving of remembrance. Your fiancé(e)’s face as they wait at the altar for your arrival. Your dad discreetely wiping a tear while you say your vows.


Image from Jennifer & Shane’s real wedding by Weddings by KARA

Is it a coincidence WOL’s real weddings are our most visited pages? Of course not. It’s wonderful to witness someone’s Big Day, find ideas, or enjoy the simple pleasure of looking at the light, the mood, the joy of it all. If you like it now, just imagine what it will be like to receive your very own long-anticipated album or CD. There are no words. It’s what you’ll show your friends, parents, children and even grandchildren for decades to come. In fact, your wedding album may become a cherished family possession long into the future.

Your wedding day is something that will happen only once. You’re putting a lot of thought and effort into making it the best it can be. And when you’re talking about a ‘once in a lifetime’ thing, it’s only right it gets properly documented. After all, if you went on a trip around the world, knowing it was your only one, you’d take as many photos as possible, wouldn’t you? A wedding is just like that – an adventure that won’t ever happen again, even if you try to re-create it faithfully.

Your wedding photos are so very important, so make sure you find a photographer whose style you love, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of their work for all your years thereafter.

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Image from Magda & Colm’s real wedding by Art Wedding Photography

Main Image from Criona & David’s real wedding by Michelle Prunty Photography

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