WOL Advice: Don’t Make These Four Colour Mistakes

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colour mistakes

We always say there are no rules when it comes to wedding planning, your wedding, your way but mistakes do happen. Today we’re sharing four colour mistakes you can avoid, trust us, we’ve saw them all before! 

colour mistakes

Mistake 1. Ignoring the venue colour scheme

When you’re choosing your colour scheme, we highly suggest you consider the reception space. If the beautiful space you have chosen has rich burgundy carpets, your colour scheme of burnt orange may clash and there’s no hiding it! Of course you don’t have to choose colours that totally match the decor but keep the area in mind and remember, your venue will feature a lot in your photos, bringing the feel of it into your images. Many modern venues are decorated in neutral tones so hopefully you won’t have this issue to sort! 

Mistake 2. Taking too long to choose your colour palette 

Choosing your wedding colour palette is one of the really exciting parts of wedding planning. Your colours will set the tone for the day and reflect the feeling you’re looking to create. Sometimes couples can feel overwhelmed and indecisive on picking their colours and somewhere along the line they forget to choose a colour scheme and end up with a mis-match of shades, only to panic towards the end trying to get everything to coordinate! Don’t be that couple, choose your palette and keep it in mind when making your decisions. 

colour mistakes

Mistake 3. Not including contrast colours in the scheme

Another mistake we see if when couples go all guns blazing with one colour and don’t include any contrast. This can in turn create a wedding day that lacks depth or fun. Imagine you choose pale pink bridesmaids and pale pink flowers with no accents of lighter and darker shade, you run the risk of a wishy washy overall look. When you’re planning think of the big picture, using layers of colour throughout the day from the dresses to flowers and invitations to table linens. 

Mistake 4. Choosing unflattering bridesmaids colours

Of course we know you wouldn’t pick a bridesmaids dress to be unflattering but it’s important to keep in mind your maids skin tones and hair colour when choosing. Some colours wash people out and aren’t flattering. It can be hard to find the perfect shade to suit all your girls and the process will take time, bit we know you’ll get there with a little trial and error and dedication! 

We hope these four common mistakes and solutions will help make your day be beautiful and the perfect colour for you! 

(Images: Golden Moments Wedding Photography & Film)