WOL Loves: Cheerful Buttonholes for Summer Grooms

The Groom

The buttonhole is a tiny piece of art that will finish off the grooms look, they’re small but pack a punch! Usually created using flowers to match the bouquet, buttonholes can be finished in lots of different ways including twine for a rustic look, velvet for a touch of luxury and silk ribbon for the ultimate elegant feel. 

On the morning of your wedding many grooms will completely forget what side to attach their arrangement to – FYI, it’s the left-hand lapel of your jacket! They should be attached using pins that are fed through from the back of the lapel, and not actually inserted into the buttonhole. Many florists will offer to hang around and put them on ensuring they are all in the right position, or you could ask one of the more sensible in the grooms party to take on this task. 

Today we’re sharing stunning designs from our incredibly talented Irish florists that are perfect for grooms saying I Do this summer… 

(Top image: Bloomsday Flowers)