WOL Loves: Delicate & Dainty Buttonholes

Décor & Flowers

To finish off the grooms wedding day look he’ll be needing a buttonhole, or boutonniere for our readers across the pond! These little works of art are generally a reflection of the bridal bouquet and truly are perfect.

There are lots of options for the buttonhole, with most guys favouring a floral piece, which is exactly what we are sharing today – a fabulous round-up of delicate and dainty buttonholes from some of our award winning Irish florists. 

Buttonholes are worn mainly by the main people involved in the wedding party, so the groom, best man, groomsmen, ushers and fathers of the couple. In general terms, if they are wearing the wedding suit, they should have a buttonhole.  

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(Top image: Flowers Touch)