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WOL Loves: Winter Weddings Do’s & Don’ts

winter weddings

If you’re planning a winter wedding it’s vital you think about the season and the extra things you’ll need to do for an enjoyable day. Today we hope to help you out with a handy list of things to do, and don’t do! 

The winter season is now just as popular a time for weddings, especially around the Christmas and New Year celebrations. No matter your chosen theme or colour scheme, these nuggets of advice will ensure you have the perfect winter wedding. 

1. Do dress for winter 

Above all else make sure you and your bridal party are dressed to keep warm. Dresses that have long sleeves or are constructed from heavier fabric are a great starting point. Don’t forget cover ups such as faux fur shawls, denim or leather jackets or cosy cardigans areaways welcome for both you and your girls. 

2. Do choose the right footwear

Sparkling heels might be your first choice but leave them for dancing and opt for sturdier and warmer options for the ceremony and during your photographs. 

3. Don’t forget to look after your guests coats 

Keeping track of your winter coat when you’re a wedding guest is super annoying! Make sure your venue has a cloakroom available so they’re looked after and they won’t have to go home cold! 

4. Do bring all the texture 

The winter season calls for luxurious textures such as faux fur, velvet and woollen accessories. 

5. Do have colour 

It can be tempting to choose icy or monochromatic colour palettes but winter is the perfect season to embrace all the rich colours. Deep shades of red, green, blues and purples are a great place to start.  

6. Do consider the location 

Because of the shorter darker days you should consider a venue that isn’t overly far away. Think of the journey between your ceremony and reception, the longer it takes, the less time your guests have to enjoy your day.

7. Do embrace the season and include all the lights 

From sparklers, candlelight and fairy lights, embrace the season whether it’s Christmas or New Year, and yes, magical lighting is always a good idea.

8. Do consider on-site accommodation 

The last thing you or your guests want to do at the end of a wedding night is pack up and head home. On-site accommodation is a big plus when choosing your venue, if this isn’t an option give guests advice on other local places to stay and taxi information.

9. Do talk to your photographer about timelines 

Again, the shorter, darker days will have an impact on how your day runs. Speak to your photographer about how long the official photos will take and ask for any advice on making the day run smoothly.

10. Do have a snow strategy 

A dream for some, and a nightmare for others – what will you do if you wake up to snow on your wedding morning?! At this time of year it’s a good idea to have a plan in place for you, your guests and suppliers if this should happen.

(Image: Alex Zaradov Photography)

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