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Wood Crate Flower Boxes

If you are looking for a unique and inexpensive way to spruce up your reception tables, try this idea! Wood crate flower boxes are easily one of our favourite things – and we’re going to tell you why. Read up and enjoy these beautiful pictures for inspiration for your own wedding.

Wood crate flower boxes for your wedding

We can’t think of a more versatile item to use at a wedding (and believe us, we’re trying hard). They come in many sizes and shapes. You can pick them up months before the wedding (more about that in a moment), or literally the day before from your local garden centre. Fill them with anything – plants, fruit, pebbles, books, candy… You simply can’t go wrong.

So, as promised, let’s talk prep. If you still have several months left, use the crates as planters and grow some real plants in them. In fact, get the seeds from the same garden centre and ask for planting advice (if you were born without a green thumb, like some of us). You also have time to paint and decorate your boxes, if DIY inspiration strikes. Even boxes in poor condition (a big plus is that they are even cheaper to buy) can look brand new covered in some cool wallpaper scraps, pages from old books, or even fabric.

And finally, let’s get practical. If you have 10 tables at your reception, and you buy 10 vases or 10 candelabras for centrepieces, you may not know what to do with them after. But these crates? Not a problem! You can either give them away as gifts, or use them at home. Large stacked crates make for lovely rustic bookcases. A single large crate is a great side table for your couch. You can hang small ones on the wall in the bathroom to keep your extra creams and potions (or anywhere, really).

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Have we left you decor-hungry? Fret not, dear bride, just jump on over to our decor section for even more fabulous ideas.

Images found via Ruffled Blog. Photos: top row, Elizabeth Messina, guest book photo, Ken Kienow via Snippet and Ink, third row, fruit crate centerpiece designed by Michele Rago and last photo by Robert Suckrahand.

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  1. Aoife Callaghan says:

    Love the pictures and the crates as centrepieces are a gorgeous idea!! Fab!!

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