00 Seat Leon

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mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Hi Ladies I am thinking of buying a 00 Seat Leon from my car dealer (Daddy!) anyone own one of these, likes or dislikes they would like to share. I learnt how to drive in a clapped out Ibiza and it was a really nice car to drive so I am hoping the Leon is the same. I currently drive a 96 Mitsubishi Colt which I love with all my heart but its time for a change!!!!
workingmom Posts: 3429
I didn't have a leon, but I had a toldeo, same cabin, different boot. I have to say I loved everthing about the car, the only problems with it were the electronics gave trouble and the window seals weren't great, not good for living in Ireland! I now have a 06 Leon, and I love it, it has so many extras it would talk to you, and the power in it is wonderful. HTH, but as your dad is selling it, sure you can't go wrong!
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Thanks GK