1 st hospital appointment today can anyone tell me...

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bride may Posts: 435
If I will get a scan, I am so excited I might get to see baby today, if not will they check for a heart beat at least?
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
Can't answer your question but just want to wish you all the best today!!
ToBeSept05 Posts: 97
Hi Bride May Sorry I cant help, havent had my first appointment yet. Best of luck anyway
bride may Posts: 435
Ah thanks girls I think even if I heard a heart beat it would put my mind at rest.
charli Posts: 5994
yes i had my first scan with my first appointment with my consultant (though it was in his rooms - not hospital) i was 14 weeks, how far you? BEST OF LUCK!!
bride may Posts: 435
I am 12 weeks maybe they will bring me back in in a few weeks?
Sart Posts: 441
bride I've been told my first visit will be a booking in visit. Where I'll get to see the birthing suite we'd have, meet the midwives, have my history taken etc,. And make an appointment for a scan. :( So as far as I know - in the community midwives scheme in Holles street you DO NOT have a scan on yoru first visit. :( best of luck anyway, maybe your consultant will do one! Fingers crossed she does.
summer days Posts: 112
Hi bride may, i don't know where you are located but at my first visit at 12 weeks I was scanned. It was so very clear, lovely experience. They might just listed for for the heartbeat with the doppler but I am not sure what the procedure is in any other hospital but Limerick. In Limerick they scan at 12 weeks and at 31 weeks only.. long wait between the two!! Best of luck today :D
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Best of Lucky Bride May I am sure you can ask them to hear the baby's heartbeat
bride may Posts: 435
Thanks girls, fingers crossed