100mg Aspirin - too much?

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Ivy F Posts: 2023
Hi Girls, I asked my doctor whether I could take aspirin daily to possibly prevent blood clotting, after reading that it can be successful in preventing miscarriage in some cases. She said that I could take the "lowest possible dose" that I could find. When DH went to the pharmacy, however, the lowest dose that they had was 100mg, & I have read that 75mg is what is recommended. There is no such thing as "Baby" or "Junior" aspirin where we live, but the pharmacist said that 100mg is suitable for children. I will probably have to call my doc again, but just to check in the meantime, are those of you taking aspirin only taking 75mg? Thanks! :thnk
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
im nearly sure i read in one of my pregnancy books that you were to avoid aspirin. i can have a look tongiht
Double Trouble Posts: 915
Hi ivy, I'm on aspirin until 12 weeks - 75 mg a day.
Nadie Posts: 1111
Ivy, as Baby says, I've been told to avoid aspirin. I know you've miscarried before though and so it's different for you, but I wouldn't go taking the extra 25mg if I was you. Whatever about children, babies this early on are a lot more sensitive! Have you tried buying online? Boots have an online shop, might be worth a try? Or buy the 100mg but cut the tablets in half?
Toots12 Posts: 894
I'm on prescription aspirin (the only way you can get it I thought!) and the safe dose for pregnancy is 75 micrograms (not milligrams - a LOT different!). They're called Nu-Seals, and protect the stomach against ulcers etc and are safe to take on a daily basis. I wouldn't go getting anything online or off the shelf unless you're absolutely sure of what you're getting. Will your doc not give you a prescription if you have a valid reason for it?
Aurge Posts: 1456
Sorry no advice but I didnt see your BFP post so just wanted to say congratulations & I hope you have a healthy & happy pregnancy :o)ll :o)ll
Ivy F Posts: 2023
Thanks, girls - after getting your feedback, I was seriously worried, as I had taken one 100mg tablet already, so I called my obstetrician (it was my IVF doctor who had told me over the 'phone that I could take "low-dose" aspirin, so I didn't have a prescription), & she said that 75mg (I double-checked whether she meant 75[b:37trdkrd]µg[/b:37trdkrd] & she confirmed that it was indeed [b:37trdkrd]mg[/b:37trdkrd]) was perfectly fine. When I said that I had taken a 100mg tablet, she said that this was also fine to take on a daily basis, so it seems that there is a wide spectrum of advice out there!! I still think that I might try breaking a piece off the 100mg tablets until I meet with my doctor next week. As for why I wanted to take aspirin in the first place, I had read in a book on miscarriage that this can help prevent blood clotting, which would prevent nutrients passing to the embryo. I had also seen that some other WOL-ers were taking it for the same reason, & remembered that after my last miscarriage, my obstetrician had said that she would recommend that I take it this time around. I know that it would have been better if I'd had a coagulation test in the meantime to prove that I definitely needed aspirin, but it wasn't possible over the holidays & it was too late when we started IVF again. Sorry for the epic post!! Of those of you who are taking aspirin (of at least 75mg), did you all have coagulation testing first? Thanks! :thnk
Ivy F Posts: 2023
[quote="Aurge":2elw3jgx]Sorry no advice but I didnt see your BFP post so just wanted to say congratulations & I hope you have a healthy & happy pregnancy :o)ll :o)ll[/quote:2elw3jgx] :thnk, Aurge!!