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daffodilbaby Posts: 916
hi girls im 36 weeks pregnant and had a scan in dr yesterday. he told me im looking at having a 10lb baby. nearly fell off the bed :eek my last child was 8lb so thought it would b about the same. in shock cos ive only put on 14 lb since i got pregnant. this probably sounds stupid but does a bigger baby mean more painful contractions? :-8 not feeling confident that i will handle it v well.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I think I read a post on here not too long ago and nearly everyone said they were told a certain weight but it was totally wrong ie told having an 8lb and they had a 6ib, I dont think they have a way of knowing for def what size baby is? Anyway I know a girl and all her 3 were 10lbs something, she is only a small thing so dont know how she managed and she had them all naturally!
Babyboomerang Posts: 543
I'm interested to hear some feedback on this too. My Dr says I'm going to have a big baby too. I've been measuring well ahead of my dates all the way along and at my last appt the baby was 3 lbs 8 oz, and I'm only 30 weeks! From what I've read, the labour could take a bit longer, but I'm not sure if the contractions will be more painful. Every labour is so different that it's probably hard to know whether the size of the baby was a major factor or not. Think positive thoughts. One of the Gentlebirth affirmations is "my baby is the perfect size for my body". Keep repeating that to yourself. I've heard people make comments that bigger baby = more chance of a section, but I'm refusing to believe that.
mommylicious Posts: 836
I've heard (don't know how true it is) that bigger the baby easier the delivery because they move quicker. Now that could have been someone winding me up. I have no idea what baby weighs at the moment and I don't want to know!
Duffers Posts: 1841
Ive probably said this a million times but hun....seriously they can only guesstimate. I was told to expect at least an 8lb-er. DS was 6lbs9oz! They have no way no knowing for definite, the only way to know the weight of something or someone is to way them....impossible to weigh an unborn baby. I second what Babyboomerang said. Keep repeating "my baby is the perfect size for my body". Good luck :o)ll
Pinkly Posts: 1414
Don't panic! Consultants can only give an 'estimated' weight at this stage. I was told my baby weighed around 8lb's the day before my labour started & my DS weighed 9lb 13oz's so nearly 10lbs. He's my 1st so have no other labour to compare it to, labour was long but this could have been due to it being my first birth. I had an epi & an episiostomy as I needed the help of ventouse to deliver him & his shoulder got stuck. Labour was manageable & I recovered very quickly from episiostomy. The girl beside me in the ward had had her 3rd & he weighed 10lb 5oz's and she was flying around a few hours later not a bother on her. Best of luck & don't be worrying.
pinkframe Posts: 628
Try not to worry! This is my first so no personal exp but my family all have big babies so I'm bracing myself for a whopper! I was 10lbs 2ozs & my mam had me naturally with no stitches! My niece was 11lbs & my nephew was 11lbs 11ozs!! He was only born in Jan, now she laboured naturally but he got into distress so she needed a section in the end but that wasn't the case with all of them! She had 2 naturally & they were both over 10lbs! You'll ding it - baby is the perfect size for your body! Ooh - you're so close to meeting your lovely baba now!!! :o)ll
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
[quote="bumpelicious":1di3egbq]I've heard (don't know how true it is) that bigger the baby easier the delivery because they move quicker. Now that could have been someone winding me up. I have no idea what baby weighs at the moment and I don't want to know![/quote:1di3egbq] I heard that before too, can't remember if it was on the radio or telly or if I read it somewhere. But definitely wouldn't worry about it, as the others say it's just a guestimate and if you have faith in your body the chances are all will go well.
lcarrick Posts: 1639
yeah i was told last week that a 9 pounder would be no bother to me? and same as the others bigger babys are quicker deliveries as they move down faster! my mam was 12lb 1oz and my uncle was 12lb 13ozs so kinda thought i'd have a good size baby. they're suppose to be better feeders and things like that so i've been told! no matter what weight baby still has to come out! :)
theoracle Posts: 7664
Size of baby does not dictate the type of contractions you will have. On 2nd pregnancy your contractions are more effective and you dilate faster. My last lady was the biggest and tbh i didn't notice a difference between her and her sister who was 2lbs smaller.