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lush11 Posts: 2877
[quote="bumpelicious":1qz7rai8]I've heard (don't know how true it is) that bigger the baby easier the delivery because they move quicker. Now that could have been someone winding me up. I have no idea what baby weighs at the moment and I don't want to know![/quote:1qz7rai8] My friend had a 7lb something baby first time and a 10lb 'er' the second time and she said the 10lb baby was easier and faster so i wouldnt worry about it in the slightest. You'll be grand especially when its your second one.
snuggler Posts: 1296
Hey,my dd was 9 lbs 14 and told be around 8 lbs, had in holes St and my go said for this preg, I'll be monitored and will not be allowed have naturally if as big as I had probs after.just my story , speak to dr anyway
daffodilbaby Posts: 916
hi thanks for all the replies. delighted to hear its easier to deliver a bigger baby, not sure if ya's just trying to make me feel better but it has helped calm the nerves :o0 have vision of me being unble to walk for a month afterwards :o0 but i guess the human body is capable of great things...